August 5, 2021

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12 Ways to improve your Software Architecture Design

Being a software engineer if you want some improvement in your software architecture design then what will you do? You are suggested to make the usage of some tools, frameworks and understand the language if you consider yourself as a beginner. For better maintainability, performance and readability your code needs to be optimized if you have experience in this field. Now I am going to tell you 12 ways of improving your Software Architecture Design.

  1. A complex problem can be broken down into several parts and each part can be solved separately. Then take back all the solved parts so as to get the solution of the main problem.
  2. Some domain problems can also be solved by using the software. Every domain will require it. So, it must be developed for your preferred domain. If the domain is well understood by you it will increase your motivation for improving the software architecture.
  3. Do not use your computer for planning the code. A perfect mental model can be built by you and then you can initiate. In writing also this strategy can be used.
  4. Environmental execution of the application can be understood by you if there are no blind spots with you.
  5. From start to the middle stage, a bridge in the form of an open source project can be used. You can meet the project developers or some other people related to it.
  6. Just knowing the programming is not understanding the languages of programming. With this some analytical skills, problem solving and programming techniques need to be focussed. Reflective programming, functional programming and object-oriented programming must be learnt by you.
  7. The use cases that you are using for your libraries of language are also very important. The wheel will not be reinvented by you if you have knowledge of so many libraries.
  8. All the previously made programs must be made again and in a common manner. You have to do it in the form of a learning project and not in the form of a production project. You can also develop Pong, Tetris, paint, text editor and calculator just like other developers. Tricks of some experienced developers for developing these applications must be learnt by you.
  9. Coding that is done in the last project must be understood by you. Working of every piece must be understood by you. A templating system can be used in place of difficult HTML coding.
  10. The object-oriented code’s reusability and testability is reduced if you use inheritance for a long period of time. Utilising interfaces and composition must be done by you in the beginning.
  11. Your time is going to be wasted if your code is super flexible and overgeneralized. It is better if you use a reusable code. If you are doing a single task then there is no problem in writing the hardcode.
  12. You should have a knowledge of good testing for successful completion of your project.

A 3-D model can be developed by using a product design software. This model can later be developed into an actual product.

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