June 13, 2021

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The layout and decoration of a house or apartment go hand in hand. At first, the furniture allows to delimit the space and to create circulation areas. Although the furniture is design, it must also and above all be functional, unlike the wall decoration which meanwhile has the simple purpose of being pretty!

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When it comes to wall decoration, there is something for everyone and especially for all budgets. In order to choose a suitable decoration, it is essential to respect a few basic principles:

Adapt the size of the decorative elements to the space available
Center decoration on furniture
Imagine the decoration as a whole and create furniture / decoration pairs: a console with a mirror, a frame above a sofa…

Here are 3 ideas for a personalized wall decoration:

01 – A painting printed on premium acrylic

Thanks to the hand-polished surface, the acrylic glass improves the depth of field and the details of the printed photo and gives the colors a very intense appearance. Thanks to an invisible suspension system, the impression of acrylic glass seems to float on the wall.

Available in many formats, printing on acrylic has the main advantage of not requiring framing. Many software such as Photoshop now allow you to create unique designs in just a few clicks. A good way to treat yourself to a work of art that you won’t find anywhere else!

02 – A starry sky painting
A big trend in recent months, the star chart table is both an essential decoration, but also and above all a good way to write key dates on paper. A birthday, a birth, a meeting or a beautiful trip. Any opportunity is good to take! (It’s also a great gift idea for Mother’s Day.)

03 – A printed photo frame
A great classic in wall decoration that is not going to disappear, the printed photo frame is a must. On a dedicated wall as posed on a piece of furniture, it imposes itself in black and white version as in colored version.

Where to have your personalized wall decoration printed?
Today, it is thanks to xyz.com that I offer this article. Taking advantage of their spring promotions, I was able to print a painting on premium acrylic 120 x 80 cm, a printed sky painting 60 x 40 cm and a 20 x 30 photograph for less than $ 220! Unbeatable don’t you think?

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