July 24, 2021

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4 Must-Know Things About Rhinoplasty Surgery

Nose is one such feature of our face that is quite dominant. Hence, a perfectly structured nose makes up the whole appearance of a face.

However, not everyone is blessed with a perfect nose and therefore, can take away the attention from other facial features that are beautiful. In such cases, a nose surgery (Chirurgie du nez) or a rhinoplasty surgery can help them out.

It is one of the popular cosmetic surgeries that people opt for restoring the rightful structure of the nose. Hence, uplifting the entire facial appearance.

But before you book an appointment with an expert for the surgery there are a few things that you must learn about Rhinoplasty. Read more to find out.

1. Expect realistic outcomes

It is important that you keep rational expectations out of this surgery. You cannot really have an exact replica of a celebrity’s nose that you adore. Just because the nose structure looks flattering on that celeb doesn’t mean it would look good on you.

The restructuring of your nose during the surgery heavily relies on the bone structure you have. An expert surgeon will give you the most suited nose as per your face.

2. Need to take some time off the daily schedule

Although, the surgery for nose job is considered to be a minor one that doesn’t mean you can join your regular schedule right after the surgery. It isn’t a surgery that you get it done over a lunch break and jump right back into your schedule.

Post-surgery you require some time to heal. While the healing time differs from one person to another. The surgeons still suggest up to a week or 10 days’ time to recover.

Hence, you have to halt your daily schedule and take some time off to heal and recover from the surgery.

3. Final results takes some time to appear

You cannot expect to see the results right after your surgery. Yes! That’s right. Many people have this misconception that they would get to see the change just after taking off the bandage from their nose.

However, the only thing that you would notice is swelling and bruises. But, fret not! They will slowly dissipate within a few weeks. However, the final results take a longer time to appear.

It may take up to a year for the absolute results to show. So be patient and take care of yourself as it would take some time for the full and final results.

4. A revision surgery may be required

This isn’t really necessary for everyone who takes up nose job surgery. However, in some cases, even though the surgery goes well, the healing doesn’t go as planned.

Hence, a revision surgery fixes up the problem. So, you must be ready for it if you decide to go for a rhinoplasty surgery.


The above listed factors are some things that you must definitely learn about nose surgery (Chirurgie du nez). Be sure to choose an expert cosmetic surgeon to get this procedure done.

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