November 26, 2020

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Advantages of online Quran learning

5 Reasons why you should prefer to learn Quran Online over the face to face classes

There is no denying the fact that the industry of online learning and online courses is booming. Millions of people around the world are doing courses over the internet. The ever increasing online tutoring websites and courses are a proof to this fact. This trend is going to continue as this mode of learning provides multiple advantages over conventional ways of learning.

According to recent research, there has been a 300% increase in online learning over the last 5 years. This shows that people are increasingly finding it more effective and convenient at the same time. Almost every subject and language is being taught online. Similarly, the Quran which is the holy book of Muslims is also being taught online by thousands of individuals and institutes. Tens and thousands of Muslims and even non-Muslims around the world learn Quran online at home from tutors setting thousands of miles away from them. This is a true revolution and the best use of technology.

Now let’s look at the reasons why you should prefer to learn Quran online over learning in physical centers. Although there are many reasons, we will discuss 5 of them.

You choose convenience when you opt to learn Quran online

This is the number one reason behind the massive growth of online learning in general and online Quran learning in particular. When you choose digital medium for your learning purposes, you save yourself from all the hassles that come with going out. It saves you precious time. You allow yourself to learn Quran online at home with your schedule and other activities unaffected.

By opting to learn Quran online, you get the best tutors

It’s so difficult to find a qualified and experienced Quran tutor, especially if you have limited Quran learning centers outside. But there are plenty of such tutors waiting for you online. You can choose a male or female online Quran tutor according to your age, level or personal preferences. You can even take a few trial lessons with him or her to evaluate if they are the right fit for you. This is an extraordinary advantage as everyone is different in their learning abilities and speed and so requires tutors that can understand them and align with their strengths and weaknesses. When you have a Quran tutor that has the ability to make classes engaging and interesting and make you feel comfortable, you learn fast and better.

You get individual attention when you learn Quran online

Unlike conventional classes where there is one tutor for over 30 or 40 students, online Quran classes is one on one which means one tutor for one student. This ensures that every student gets individual and undivided attention. This is an extremely effective way of learning Quran as tutors know every student individually. They know every student’s key weaknesses and mistakes and thus can focus on them. They know where every student stands in terms of Quran learning and can devise a dedicated strategy. In short, you get personalized tutoring in your quest to learn Quran online.

You have great flexibility in online Quran learning

The flexibility you get when you opt to learn Quran online is the reason enough to make you go for it. You are no longer bound to a rigid schedule. You no longer have to miss your classes because of your long working hours or miss your commitments because of your classes. Learning Quran online allows you to choose a schedule that is the most convenient to you. You can learn Quran online at home at your own preferred time without worrying about or disturbing your other activities. On top of it, you can reschedule your classes. Suppose you later found out that the timings you chose are not working, you can change it. Also, if you can’t attend a particular class due to whatever reason, just inform your tutor or the management and you will get a makeup class. This kind of flexibility had never been imagined before.

It takes less time to learn Quran online

Another great advantage of online Quran learning is that it allows you to learn Quran fast. Since it’s only you in the class, you can read according to your pace. If you have the ability to learn more than what others learn in a single class, you are free to do so. Also, you can increase the number of classes or time if you want to finish the Quran in less time. For example, if you are in the online Hifz program that usually requires more time, you can request an increase in time. Since it takes significantly less time to finish the Quran, online Quran learning is less expensive.

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