June 12, 2021

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5 Things to Do If your Colleague Feels Sick

Some situations make us helpless and let us do nothing about it—for example, condoling the close relative’s death of a colleague or working with a sick person.

When you find that your colleague sitting next to you isn’t healthy, it’s not right to communicate this thing to the right on their face.

They might feel bad about it, and it’s not right to tell them to visit doctors.

Nowadays, there’s a gap between supporting your unhealthy co-worker and maintaining the needs of chronic illness in the workplace.

So, the next time when you find a co-worker suffering from chronic illness, here’s how you should support him and help him recover.

  1. Show Empathy

When you find that your colleague is unhealthy, never say that you should have asked about it sooner.

This can make them guilty of their sickness.

Stay by their side and ask if they need any help. You can also discuss some good things with them.

Your short discussions might make up their mood or make their lives easy. 

  • Offer them Help

I know we all race a marathon in office, and we are so busy that we don’t have time to look upon extra things.

But it’s also not right to leave your fellow when he needs your help.

The work might also over over-stressing the already ill person so you can do your part by sharing some of his workloads.

Your little bit of help can make their day or reduce their stress.

If you think you won’t be able to manage their tasks, just be nice to them or take their opinions in your discussions.

  • Revise the Company Healthcare Policies

The number of sick employees increasing at the workplace is a sign that the company’s healthcare policies aren’t functional and effective for the employees. 

In addition, if an employee is attending office while he’s sick, then there must be a strict rule of attending the office.

In these circumstances, you must see your policies and laws where you’re lacking and revise to make it in favor of employees.  

Companies can also hire some experts and nutritionists who can recommend healthy diet plans to the employees so they fall sick less.

If the employees are already on a weight loss journey or following weight loss diet plans such as Kinobody reviews, then the experts should recommend them to cure accordingly.

  • Allow them to Work from Home

Companies shouldn’t be for healthy persons only. They should support their employees when they are sick or in difficult times.

Work from home is the best per for the employees who feel sick and don’t feel like attending office. 

So, the company should also have the work from home policy, and the employees should be able to avail it at the time of the need. 

If there are also other problems apart from the sickness, then also discuss it with the employee and work things out.

  • Give them Space

Instead of making unhealthy employees feel bad about their situation, respect their space, and don’t ask them too much about their illness.

It can irritate them, which can result in burnout. So, you should respect their privacy, and they have shared their problems with you only, so don’t spread it with everyone.

You should give them space and time to recover.

For the Company

Now. when the whole country is fighting the novel Coronavirus, we as individuals should take care of our hygiene and avoid public gatherings.

If your company doesn’t have the healthcare policies, you should take the lead in this situation and introduce employees’ wellness program.

The productive environment is important to grow the quality of the work.

If the employees will keep worrying about their health, who will care about the work then?

So, while you take care of the company, HR should take care of you. True that?

Now, next time you found that your colleague is unhealthy and isn’t feeling good, then offer them help and be nice to them.

Kindness shouldn’t be missing ever, know that.

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