January 21, 2021

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9 Amazing Places In The USA To Visit By Car When You Are YOUNG

So, you are young, wild, and ready to meet troubles. That’s a good time to explore the world around. You can meet different cultures, interesting people, and life challenges. No surprise, renting a car under 25 is not a problem nowadays. You should find a good rental company that allows underage car rental. Check the information about the young driver fee first on the company’s website. It is important for young travelers to spend money correctly.

Even if it is a quick weekend trip, you need to plan every step. Mark all the places you want to visit, find the cheapest car rental, hotels and tons of free things to do around the cities. Is this your first vacation? So, it is better to plan it not far from home. Do you want anything more impressive? Remember, you can save money even traveling to Vegas. Don’t be surprised! It can be really cheap. Use online services to book a car and hotel online so that you’ll get the cheapest variant. Check The Flamingo and The Stratosphere for some great rates and the best location. Say NO to all the best clubs in Vegas and try to PRE DRINK before you go out. This may be the most expensive line in your trip budget. 

If you feel like you are not ready for Vegas, you may try one of these brilliants variants.

Best places for young travelers

1. Go to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

This is a dream of every traveler to see the Grand Canyon with his own eyes. It’s the time! Rent a car and go to Yellowstone Park with friends. There is so much to see and to do! You can try hiking, kayaking, swimming in the lake, and taking the most impressive selfies. A fast economy class car will be good for your trip. Save money for different activities.

2. Go to Yosemite National Park in California

American territory is rich in National Parks. The flights to Los Angeles are not expensive as well as the car rental rates. How about the idea to stay in a hostel instead of a hotel? Yosemite will amaze you with its marvelous waterfalls, beautiful sequoia groves, the Half Dome. You can try yourself hiking, biking. Pack carefully! There is much to explore in the wild.

3. Go to Seattle in Washington

This place is recommended to visit if you don’t like nature vacations and have no time for a long trip. A day or two is enough to explore the Seattle nightlife. The list of available cars and cheap hotels is big. Try local delicacies and you’ll never be disappointed.

3. Visit Portland in Oregon

When visiting Seattle, you can spend 3 more hours and go to Portland. This small city welcomes you with the tastiest foodies, craft beer, and friendly locals. You can have the best picnics in the fresh air under the starry sky.

4. Go to New Orleans in Louisiana

New Orleans is mostly interesting for people who are fond of arts and history. The city has a rich history and full of historic places. Go to Bourbon Street to see the street concerts and festivals. What do you know about Mardi Gras?

5. Visit Charleston in South Carolina

Charleston has become a popular tourist destination. If you want to travel for cheap, it is better to go there in winter or late autumn. This cobble-stone city is so charming and has many interesting activities for young people.

6. Go to Savannah in Georgia

If you are tired of Southern charm and activities, you should stop your car in Savannah to make a food break. The food is amazing! The hotels are cheap and the city attractions are not expensive. Even traveling without money, you can have a city walk and make some great snaps at the historical spots.

7. Visit Nashville in Tennessee

This city will be the best place for you if you are a music lover. There is nothing funnier than country music. You can add a little vibe to your everyday life and try on a cowboy costume. By the way, a cowboy hat can be a good souvenir from your vacation. Don’t forget about the best BBQ in Nashville.

8. Go to San Antonio in Texas

If you like river walks, go to San Antonio. This is the most romantic city in Texas. You will admire the best scenic views along the legendary Alamo. Forget about the central hotels. It is better to focus on cheap hostels and restaurants in neighborhoods.

9. Go to Key West in Florida

Here we go! Florida attracts people with the best Florida vacation. The weather is always warm and pleasant so you will always feel great and ready for adventures. You can’t find the best place to relax when walking along the long street of bars, atmospheric pubs, clubs. Just leave your car in the hotel parking. 

There are so many places in the USA where you can spend the best unforgettable holidays. A good car and a good company really do magic! That’s so great that you are young and adventurous! Check the regional COVID restrictions before you go.

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