March 8, 2021

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Casino Bonuses

All Information you Need About Online Casino Bonuses

Many online casinos use casino bonuses typically to incentivize players to play at their casino. With rising competition in the online casino or gaming industry, every casino aims to differentiate itself from others particularly since most of the online casinos are powered by some software companies and all mostly boast about the same selection of games. 

What is an Online Casino Bonus?

So, are you wondering what a casino bonus is? In layman terms, a casino bonus is an incentive that is given by an online casino to attract new players, engage old players in their brand, and boost your gameplay with extra funds.

However, casino bonuses do come with some caveats. Hence, it’s best to remember the term “wagering requirements” or your number one criterion that determines how you can use and if you would be able to use your bonus winnings. For example, to ensure that they have taken all safeguarding measures against the alleged bonus abusers, most casinos attach wagering requirements to their bonus offers. Until you’ve played through your bonus for a specific amount of times (as recommended by the casino itself), you will not be able to withdraw any your winnings. 

Types of Casino Bonuses

You can categorize the online casino bonuses into various categories, depending on which factor you opt to separate them. For example, you can make different categories, such as cashable and non-cashable bonuses. 

Some of the most popular casino bonuses are the deposit bonuses, which can come with the welcome bonus package or with a regular deposit bonus. You could win bonus money and at times, maybe extra spins for slots.

Other bonuses such as No Deposit bonuses can be won without having to deposit money. Then, there are sign up bonuses, which are credited to you right after your online registration. The cashback bonuses, however, offer you some part of the bonus back on your net losses.

Some of the best live casino bonuses are:

· Welcome Bonuses

· No Deposit Bonuses

· Deposit Bonuses

· Extra Spins

· Reload Bonuses

· High-Roller Bonuses

· Cashback Bonuses

· Birthday Bonuses

· Loyalty Bonuses

· Referral Bonuses

· Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus Size, Percentage, Maximum Bet, and Maximum Cashout Amount

It’s important to understand that bonuses can come in all shapes and sizes, and you will always find the one that will suit your requirements and budget the best. High-roller bonuses should be left to high-rollers; there’s surely a bonus with your name on it, and it would not affect your budget that easily. 

However, there is a usual form a casino bonus would usually take. Most of the times, a bonus – particularly a match deposit bonus – would be shown through a typical “bonus formula”. For example, 100% up to €200. Therefore, the online casino will ideally match your deposit with a €100 bonus, enabling you to start your online casino playing with €200. So, you must remember that you can deposit a sum of €300, but the maximum amount of bonus that you will get will be €200.

When talking of the maximum bet amount of a bonus, most players tend to miss this piece of information. Essentially, if you are going to wager a higher amount than what is suggested while using an active bonus, you would be tagged as a bonus abuser, and your bet would not be counted for the wagering requirements of the bonus. Unless you want to risk losing all your winnings, ensure you remember this point. Another tip, according to the experts, is to remember, is to always check the maximum bet and what is the maximum cashout amount of the bonus you desire. 

Moreover, always be alert of what your maximum win is by using a bonus, as that could prove to be vital further down the line. So, whatever is your bonus’s maximum cashout amount, you would not be able to withdraw over it. 

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