August 5, 2021

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All You Need To Know About Industrial Flow Control Valve

Gas and oil companies around the globe face the challenge of increasing production and delivering quality products while reducing manufacturing costs and resources as well. However, process control has a certain financial impact and hence, reducing process variability is, therefore a key factor in maximizing quality output and reducing cost at the same time. According to the studies, it has been shown that up to 80% of control loops have not performed satisfactorily in reducing process variability.

In spite of that, the impact of the Industrial Flow Control Valve on dynamic performance is often overlooked. Generally, you will see that industrial flow control is imperative so control valves are subject to a variety of technical phenomena and careful selection of the right control valve for each application is crucial.

Well, there are superior design features that include the valve material that should be resistant to the chemical composition of the flow medium. Such as internals and discs that are made of solid Tungsten carbide, commonly known for its cavitations and erosion resistant properties.

Although, you will see that industrial diamond facings inserted on the discs have also produced some great results under severe conditions. The sealing surface must not be in contact with the flowing medium in terms of ensuring seat tightness as it can be guaranteed for a longer time period.

However, there is some common question that occurs in people’s mind whenever they think of Industrial Flow Control Valve. Some of them are listed below.

Why Not Use Double Seal Valve To Affect As A Flow Control Valve?

Well, the double seal valve is of course, popular resulting from the good case for its structure, it also allows a large pressure difference. The shortage is something the two sealing valves can not be a good choice to keep it in contact, as it will lead to some large leakage. So, the flow control valve is something you should go for.

Why Is It Easy To Oscillated For The Teo-seat Valve With Small Opening?

To be honest, the valve would never be in good stability as the medium employed in the single-core belongs to the open-type flow. Hence, it will happen only if the medium belongs to the closed-type flow, the stability of the valve would always be greatly influenced. As a result, you will see a two-seat valve with small openings and a flow control valve with large openings.

However, the flow control valve is also optimized by using different shapes and sized throttling orifices in the rotating discs. This also affects the cv value of the valve and has some crucial impact on process control at the same time.

So, the right valve size and trim must be chosen to match the process conditions every time before using it. The application can be new or old; to ensure the downtime it is kept to absolute minimum and additional costs and is incurred. Industrial Diaphragm Valves valves should ideally be engineered to fit with no such modifications to existing pipe work.

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