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Anchor text full guide

The SEO industry is getting upwards in a skyrocket way as getting business online and generating qualified leads are the best for business houses. But what if they are not ranking better on SERP so for this they are required to do guest posting on other websites. But is doing guest posting is only good for ranking higher on the SERP or anything else is also important for this. Let’s understand it deeply-

Guest posting is an important factor to rank higher on the SERP’s but choosing the right format of anchor text is also important to get positioned on the right keyword. So for understanding the use of the right keyword and to be positioned for that, you must know the use of the right anchor text to be used on other guest posts accepting websites

Here I have written the descriptive guide on anchor text read this which will helpful for you.

Anchor text an important factor of ranking

Branded anchor text- These are those Anchor text which especially uses the brand calls as their anchor text.

Generic anchor text- Generic anchor texts are those text which is having words which might be insisting a person to do something on the specific webpage it maybe like click proper here, this link, bounce to and lots of others.

Naked hyperlink- These are the links that are positioned with no keywords which can be unique than others and are placed on the webpage.

No anchor keyphrase- These are the links that are positioned over the text as “no phrase” which is extra prevalent within the market.

Image anchor- These are the links that are probably placed over the image by the manner of which includes the link in there alt text.

Brand keywords- These are the keywords that are specially related to a selected brand in which these links are positioned over it.

Keyword variation- This is a unique form of keyword which is more prevalent within the SEO industry wherein all of the given keyphrases have relevancy in them.

Partially branded anchors- These are the ones key phrases which are hyperlinked with the number one keyphrases.

Exact anchor text- These are those anchor textual content that is having an exact match anchor word in the post for which the publication is mainly written for. These are very much useful for the motive of gaining excessive effects. 

After understanding the different types of anchor text know we are in the position to understand their importance and how they are used to get better results.

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The best and the authentic way to get higher results after correct use of anchor text

As we’re aware of the fact that anchor text has a wonderful dating with its rating and for getting tremendous outcomes we’ve got to apprehend deeply to get top-notch outcomes. For having the first-class consequences I had made three plans which have to be used to get higher results for having remarkably higher effects.

These are as follows-  

Plan ‘A’Plan ‘B’Plan ‘C’
70% of branded anchorsAs 40% naked links Naked links 10%
20% of naked links30% genericGeneric 10%
5% of generic keywords25% partial and LSILsi partial match- 50%
<5% of partial match keyword5% exact matchExact match 30%
<1% of exact match keyword

In the above point out plans, I had mentioned what kind of anchor textual content must be used in a guest post for a more high authority websites you have to use generic key phrases with the mixture of partial suit key terms and also you must now not use the exact in shape as high authority websites have a direct effect on the rating factor. And if the website is belonging to a mediocre authority then you may use plan B which secured with a 5% exact in shape. And if the internet site is under the mediocre level or having low DA than you could use up to 30% of the correct matches.


In the above post, we have described the use of anchor text which is one of the main ranking factors for the different websites. But after reading this post anyone can get a basic understanding of using anchor text which will be helpful in the ranking of one’s website.    

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