August 5, 2021

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ATV Quad Bike Tour

ATV Quad Bike Tour-A Blast Of Excitement And Adventure

Traveling to Dubai is always lovely and exciting. You can explore new places that are worthy to watch. The progressing economy of Dubai encourages thousands of tourists all across the world to visit Dubai. You will be shocked to get to know that foreigners comprised 85% of the total population of Dubai while 15% are the local inhabitants of the city. This interesting fact shows the trust of foreigners to visit Dubai.

Whenever I have visited Dubai, the desert safari had been top on the list. I also suggest all my readers to not to miss this adventuresome spot because you can closely monitor nature in an adventuresome manner. You can book desert safari Dubai dealsof your choice like morning desert safari, evening desert safari, overnight desert safari, or just quad biking tour in Dubai. All these invigorating desert safari tours have a plethora of adventure-filled activities that you have never encountered before. However, keep in your mind to select the right company to double your excitement and joy.

If you are in a hurry and do not have sufficient time to enjoy all exciting activities in Dubai, you can select an ATV quad bike tour. The average daytime temperature in the desert during winters is 22C while in summer’s season the temperature exceeds 55C that is unbearable for most of the travelers. That’s why the best time to visit desert safari Dubai is considered from October to April.

I will explain all the exciting facts of this tour and how to manage quad bike. Most of the visitors have no idea for how to drive a quad bike. The lofty dunes of Dubai are perfect to enjoy this off-road exciting activity. The quad biking madness goes beyond the limits when you start driving on inclined dunes.

Design of ATV Quad Bikes:

The American National Standard Institute defines ATV quad bike as the low-pressure tire bikes that are specifically designed for off-roading purposes. There are three and four wheels in the quad bike to provide stability while driving. There are two seats on some quad bikes so can enjoy this thrilling activity with your companion too. The riders can easily straddle on the bike. You can control the bike via two handles.

Tips To Follow:

  1. The quad bike tour is designed during the daytime so I suggest all the visitors to wear loose-fitting clothes and do not forget to bring sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen to avoid the scorching heat of the sun.
  2. It can be very dangerous if you have not protected yourself with helmet, gloves, or knee-pads. That’s why you should listen to the instruction of your guide and do not increase the speed of the quad bike.
  3. Drink plenty of water during a quad bike tour to keep you hydrated.
  4. Do not allow your children below 7 years of age, pregnant women, elderly people, or individuals with backbone and severe heart problems for quad biking because it can lead to serious health issues.

I hope these tips will help you to enjoy a safe and secure ATV quad bike tour in the desert.

Driving ATV Quad Bike Is An Inexplicable Adventure:

Driving through the vast land of the desert in Dubai is worthy to enjoy. The quad bike tour is full of uncountable fun and adventure. The ATV quad bike tour will replace blood in your veins with adrenaline that boosts excitement and thrill. However, it is always challenging to tackle the bike on dunes like a professional. Many visitors think it is quite boring but it is performed with the brain. There are two types of quad bike tour:

  • Morning quad bike tour
  • Evening quad bike tour

When you start driving quad bike it seems an invigorating activity. It electrifies your body. Some dunes in Dubai desert have a height of 300 meters. These elevated dunes increase the intensity of excitement. Sometimes you feel like flying in the air due to these high jumps. This is the most beloved activity of adventure-seekers. The tour is not ended here, but the visitors can also enjoy camel ride, sandboarding, unlimited refreshment, and of course drop off facility.

Should I Wear My Eyesight Spectacles?

Yes, visibility is the main concern while driving in the desert. The eyesight spectacles improve vision and reduce the chances of accidents. The deserts are not even. There are jumps and pits from where you can fall if you ignore them. A number of accidents have been reported due to poor eyesight issues. Another important thing is that you should mount a flag on your vehicle for the sake of your identity. Besides this follow the instructions of your instructor.

There are numerous exclusive deals. Hence, you can book desert safari Dubai deals according to your desire at exciting prices.

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