July 24, 2021

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Become A Model and Pose For A Fashion Photographer

Become A Model and Pose For A Fashion Photographer

“I want to become a model, I am very beautiful, thin but with shapes at the right point, perfect features, upturned noses and … when I walk, they all look at me”. Great I say, you can safely opt for a career as a saleswoman if you believe that only these are the characteristics that a model must have. And I’ll explain why in this article but, first, here is the reason that prompted me to write it: too many times I have been solicited – from the superficiality of people – to reflections on this topic dealing with photography and fashion shooting but, what it annoys me most of all, is that some really believe it is enough to be beautiful. No! Sorry to disappoint you.

If you are just beautiful and don’t work, it is not enough. And do not come and tell me that when you take a selfie you come well … it is obvious! If you continue to photograph yourself from the top down you will always look beautiful, even Uncle Fester would seem so. “So? How do I start working as a model? ” Let’s proceed with an order.

Be a model

Before becoming a model you have to be… a bit like photography. There are things that not even the most important schools can teach you, things you need to study alone. So if you think you’ve graduated and are freer, and being a scary hot girl, now you can relax and go into this job you’re wrong once again. A few years ago, on an external set, I happened to work with a very good foreign model. A model with a face that is not very delicate but who knew how to do it. He built the image with impressive security, he looked at the clothes before putting them on, he lived them, and he entered into symbiosis. Very good. Besides, he knew his flaws well, and tried to conceal them. The same girl, during her make-up, was frantically searching among the magazines that came up with pictures that might interest her and photographing them. With this I want to clarify the importance of two things: the study of fashion and trends through magazines and the study of themselves, in short: to know and get to know each other.

Run the tests

The next point is a little more delicate: you have to find a photographer who wants to photograph you, possibly a good and professional photographers in Dubai, in short someone who will teach you something. And here begins the centuries-old diatribe between those who support the so-called TF (an agreement called precisely time for  according to which both the photographer and the subject taken do not receive compensation but then both can use those photos for self-promotional purposes) and the second concept who wonders: “who pays who?” . I could spend 300 lines to clarify how it works but … I fear it would be too complicated anyway. Let’s say the explanation can be condensed into the fact that no major photographer will ever be interested in photographing an immature model, unless rewarded, as no model of great thickness will get involved without receiving compensation in a photographic editorial by a photographer who is worth 3 lire. On the other hand, two professionals of the same level can decide to collaborate for free for a photographic project.

What does it mean? If you have no idea how you are on a set, all you have to do is ask for a test from a good fashion photographer. Attention: by fashion photographer I don’t mean the country photographer who photographs eighteen-year-old parties with more or less acclaimed success, and not even those who put on fashion shows (always in the country) taking pseudo-model photos on the catwalk … my God, again no! Those who make fashion photography are contacted by companies that want to take advantage of their experience and professional services for specific photographs, technical images, still life, or for an ADV photograph… Obviously, his compensation will not be cheap but if you have studied and believe you have a good background then it is worth it. Or, if you prefer, look for a less visible photographer and at your right level to take the first steps. Slowly the rest will come by itself. But the important thing is: if you believe in yourself, propose yourself.

And I’ll give you another news: the tests will never end. You will always do it, to have new material to show and to hone your skills in general or the work aspects that until then you have neglected.

Participate in casting

Last aspect, no less tiring and important: go to the casting. I find it unprofessional that a model snubs them, unproductive for herself. Taking part in a casting means making yourself known and confronting others. Maybe from that meeting another collaboration will be born, it is never a waste of time.

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