June 12, 2021

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Before A Hair Transplant Fue Hair Transplant

Are hair transplants appropriate in women?

Absolutely. Women can have just as a good a result as men with hair transplants. It is important to be treated by a doctor with experience in treating hair loss, not just transplantation. Women tend to suffer from more medical conditions which can cause hair loss. It is very important to determine if there is a medical condition causing the hair loss and treating that condition before proceeding with a transplant.

Will I look like I have plugs in my head after my transplant?

With new techniques in hair transplantation, the old days of hair plugs are long gone. The hairline created with today’s techniques are very natural and even your hair stylist will not know you had a transplant when done by a reputable surgeon.

How long will my transplant last?

The transplanted hairs will not fall subject to regular male or female pattern balding. The natural balding will continue, however. Again, this is important to remember when planning a hair transplant so that the donor site can be conserved and a natural hairline can be created for a lifetime, not just the next few years.

How do I pick a hair transplant surgeon?

The techniques for hair transplant are not difficult to master. The key to hair transplantation is having a good staff of technicians, as a large part of the procedure is done by technicians, and having a background that provides the education necessary to understand the hair loss process, not just the technical aspects of hair transplantation.

If you are considering a hair transplant, be sure to research the physician you are visiting. That person should be able to not only perform the procedure but also to understand hair loss to give you a result that will not last just a year or two but an entire lifetime.

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