June 12, 2021

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Benefits of Herbs of the Earth Biotin

Herbs of the Earth Reveal Philippines provides all sorts of vitamins and nutrients supplements to their customers so that they are able to lead a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Among all the different vitamins, Biotin is becoming more and more common and its demand is increasing day by day.

Introduction of Biotin:

Biotin, which is also known as vitamin H belongs to the family of Vitamin B complex. It helps the body to convert food and nutrition into energy. The term ‘Biotin’ literally means the life which here refers to food. It helps in picking up all of the nutrients that are present inside our food and uses it to make our hair, skin, liver, etc better.

In case there is no biotin in your body, your food will go to waste as you won’t be able to utilize its nutrients. Although biotin is naturally present in our everyday food there are times when it is needed in more quantity. So for those cases, the company of Herbs of the Earth Biotincan be contacted. They deliver high-quality biotin tablets to your doorstep.

A dose of Biotin for everyday use:

The suggested dose of biotin for an adult is somewhere between 30mcg to 100mcg. But it is recommended that before you start taking it, you need to consult a physician for proper guidance.

Biotin is soluble in water so it passes through the urine. Although it is totally normal, there are certain people who may feel a mild irritation. This is why it is best that you start taking Biotin only when it is recommended by your doctor.

An important thing to keep in mind:

Biotin is vital for a human body to function properly and it is present in our food including egg yolk, nuts, meat, soybeans, bananas, and some vegetables. Now a normal person will get his daily dose of Biotin from these food items however, if someone is pregnant or has diabetes, they will require a larger dose that cannot be gained only by eating these food items. This will result in Biotin deficiency and will affect the hair and nails of this person the most, along with liver, heart, etc.

At this point, those people will need to get Biotin from different supplements available in the market. This extra dose can be gotten along with Herbs of the Earth Vitamin D in order to affect the body in a positive way.

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