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XRS 65 Car Seat

Best Eddie Bauer XRS 65 Car Seat

Eddie Bauer may not be the main brand that rings a bell when looking for a vehicle seat, yet the XRS 65 is really made by the organization that makes Safety first and Maxi-Cosi seats.


The key drawback to the XRS 65: you need to rethread the tackle to change the outfit tallness, which obviously is regular on lower value convertibles.

Furthermore, there are restricted acclimations to the base to lean back the sea essentially you get a flip-out bar, however no level marker to show the right edge.

Why we choose Bauer XRS 65 Convertible Car Seat:

On the quest for a reasonable convertible vehicle seat? Need to buy one that will last from the minute your child is conceived until they reach at any rate 65 pounds (29 Kilograms)?

Caught wind of the Eddie Bauer XRS 65 Car Seat and need to know more? At that point we think you have to peruse our survey on the Eddie Bauer XRS 65 Convertible Car Seat. The Eddie Bauer XRS 65 Convertible Car Seat is intended for back confronting use for youngsters gauging 5-40 pounds and front aligned for kids 22 – 65 lbs.

It is a vehicle seat that has got side effect assurance and a 5 point outfit that can be effectively acclimated to guarantee your little one has a protected and agreeable ride. Guardians who utilize this seat front oriented for kids over age 2 are a lot more joyful, loving the little profile and appealing cost.

One proviso: you can locate this careful seat short the baby body pad sold as the Safety first Guide 65 for only $69 at Walmart.In the event that you needn’t bother with the newborn child pad, spare yourself $21 and go for the fundamentally the same as Safety first Guide 65.

Travel easily together with the XRS 65 Convertible Car Seat. Including a conservative plan for little autos, the XRS 65 vehicle seat occupies less room, making the ride roomier for everybody in the vehicle.

 With 5 tackle statures, 3 clasp areas, and a lumbar body cushion; its simple to give your developing kid a protected and agreeable fit, any place the street takes you.

Specification: Eddie Bauer XRS 65 Car Seat

Highlights: EPS Safety Foam, Reclining Seat Includes: Car Seat Safety and Security Features: Side Impact Protection, Flame Retardant, 5-Point Harness, Front or Rear Facing Car Seat Safety Stage: Stage 2 Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean with a Damp Cloth Rear Facing: Minimum Weight: 5 Lb.; Maximum Weight: 40 Lb., Minimum Height: 19 Maximum Height: 40 ” Forward Facing: Minimum Weight: 22 Lb., Maximum Weight: 65 Lb., 29 “; Maximum Height: 49 ” Material: Polyester Dimensions: 25.0 ” H x 18.5 ” W x 22.0 ” D Weight: 12.0 Lb.

Battery no battery utilized Certifications: JPMA Certified, Meets ASTM Standards see particulars While there’s nothing inventive about the wellbeing highlights of the XRS 65, this seat has passed no different NHTSA crash tests that its rivals have.

It has side effect insurance incorporated with the edge, which isn’t something you’ll get with low-end vehicle seats. In case you’re searching for a further developed seat, you’ll have to look past this value range and more in the area of $200+.

Weight and Dimensions : Eddie Bauer XRS 65 Car Seat

Profundity: 22″ – The profundity of this seat is among normal and on the high side. In littler vehicles with the front seats almost the entire way back, you will probably not have space for this seat. In bigger vehicles or with normal stature tallness travelers in a medium-size vehicle it should fit well.

Width: 18.5″ – The width is a little underneath normal, so it permits a decent measure of room for different travelers in the secondary lounge.

Tallness: 25″ – Height is on the low side, so it doesn’t upset back perceivability.

Weight: 13.6 pounds – This is a really lightweight seat. Joins with its moderately minimal size, this makes it a decent seat for movement. It’s additionally FAA affirmed for aircraft use.


The guidance manual is genuinely very much spread out. The simplicity of the establishment could be better. Likewise, with every convertible seat, the seat ought to be leaned back more when back confronting.

 This seat incorporates a “lean back bar” that you flip underneath to keep in increasingly upstanding when you change to front oriented.

 Be that as it may, there isn’t an air pocket level to guarantee the seat is introduced at the correct edge – only a basic level line on the upper piece of the seat.

When front aligned, this line entirely to tilt forward a piece for the seat to be at the best possible grade, which is somewhat confounding.

Both the LATCH and the safety belt establishment techniques can demonstrate dubious when attempting to fix all around ok to limit the development of the seat down to under one inch as prescribed.

In the event that you have this issue, I prescribe attempting both establishment techniques to see which is increasingly secure. Lamentably, simplicity of establishment isn’t this present seat’s solid point.

Highlights of the Eddie Bauer XRS 65 Convertible Car Seat

The Eddie Bauer XRS 65 Convertible Car Seat accompanies a couple of fascinating highlights that merit looking at:

  • 2 methods of utilization: Rear-confronting 5-40 pounds and Forward-confronting 22-65 pounds
  • Side sway insurance
  • 5-point tackle with direct front alteration
  • 5 Harness statures and 3 Buckle areas
  • Adjustable head support
  • Removable newborn child head support
  • Removable cup holder

Value Guide

The Eddie Bauer XRS 65 Convertible Car Seat can be obtained from Amazon and Target with the two sites having a rundown cost of $99.99 (USD). Make a point to look at every stockist for the best present and refreshed costs.

Pros: Eddie Bauer XRS 65 Car Seat

  • Rear confronting 5-40 pounds
  • Forward confronting 22-65 pounds
  • Side sway security
  • Fits 3 crosswise over in many vehicles
  • Latch prepared and affirmed for plane use
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Removable cup holder
  • Removable Infant head support
  • Adjustable head support

Cons: Eddie Bauer XRS 65 Car Seat

  • Does exclude a base – so for those resting infants, you may wake them getting them all through the vehicle.
  • Is not perfect with any carriage units
  • Can be hard to introduce
  • Can just fit three crosswise over with the seat front aligned
  • Often represents a battle getting minimal ones all through the vehicle
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