August 5, 2021

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Sales Model

Sales Model: How It Precise the Buyer Journey and Help Firms to Grow

Tracking the buyers is a vital part of the business marketing team. Without knowing their likes and dislike serving the products is just waste. For example, if we compare customer with a child, then you must have the experience that children feel happy when they get things they were expected.

Similarly, the customer feels glad when they get the stuff according to their needs. It becomes a challenge for the marketing team. But, don’t worry, it would be easy for you if we break the whole process into three categories. Shocked? How we can divide them.

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Different Segments Of Buyer’s Choices

We can consider it a process that will be carried into three stages:

  • ToFu
  • MoFu
  • BoFu

These three words have their meaning that we have covered below.

“ToFu stands for the Top of the funnel

MoFu stands for the Middle of the funnel

BoFu stands for the Bottom of the funnel”

You can consider them a part of a funnel that shows a different level. For example, if someone gets targeted, then they will put into the ToFu, i.e. top of the funnel, and when they satisfy the terms, then it moves to the next level. This process continues until it reaches the third stage.

This method generally uses to boost the sales leads and help a business to gain more potential customer. It is also known as the sales model.

Let’s understand every part of the segment in details. 

What Does Tofu Mean In The Marketing Funnel?

ToFu means the top of the funnel that shows the initial stage of the selling products. It generally emphasises on the potential leads. It can be performed with the help of three methods:

  • Providing relevant information
  • Describe the product
  • Build trust

These are the three factors that play an imperative role in ToFu. For example, suppose you are a financial industry who offer loans, now someone with multiple debts approaches you. Here, you have to provide the “Relevant Solution” like debt consolidation loans for bad credit or any other short term loans. In this way, you can build trust and move them to the next level.

This stage requires good research content that must satisfy customer hunger. It is the reason it includes:

  • Ebooks
  • White paper
  • Short and informative videos

Direct these and derive the customers.

What Does Mofu Mean In The Marketing Funnel?

It is the middle portion of the funnel where marketer aim is to position their firm best in the market in every aspect. In simple words, you have to prove in front of customers that you provide the best services, and offer the best deals.

The reason behind this part of the funnel is that customer always compare the products. You cannot fool them by introducing some random facts. They will compare different products and choose one that suits their budget and personality.

If you want to make this part successful, then follow below-mentioned points:

  • Tutorial
  • Case study
  • Webinars
  • Ebook

With this, you can make this stage successful and derive the customer from ending the level. But, make sure that you put enough efforts to retain the prospects. Once you lose them, then again you have performed the task from the first stage.

What Does Bofu Mean In The Marketing Funnel?

BoFu stands for the bottom of the funnel, and it is the last stage that converts the prospects into potential customers. Or you can consider it a closing stage of the marketing strategy. Here, the person to person contact occurs and lead the firm to make a sale.

Once the buyer comes to this stage, it is hard for them to leave it. The cause is that they have satisfied with all offer and make their mind to purchase the stuff. However, there is only a way through which customer may deny the request of purchasing, i.e. poor communication.

If you fail to teach the customer, then it may bother them, and you may lose the lead. It is the reason, in this stage, one has to hire a competent person with highly proficient communication skills. They can provide a demo of the product. Or, if you offer online services, then options, like:

With such options, you can sell the product without putting a buyer at risk. It is the last step, and one must have excellent teaching skills because you have to gain trust. Once you were able to sell the product, then they can promote you further, and strengthen the marketing without spending a penny.

Following this process may not need any hefty investment, but all it requires skills. However, in the first stage, you have to spend money over different type of things, like Ads, Flyers, online advertisement, or offline, run campaign. It may take efforts, but it is decisive because you have attracted the customer for the first funnel.

The best part of this funnel strategy is that it provides a clear version of the investment. You may not have to face a surprising cost that makes the budgeting durable. And, it does not contain any complexity; it is easy to follow the process.

It is the detailed study of the sales model, and we hope you have learned how to run it to boost the revenue. Follow every point mentioned above to get triumph at a different level.

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