August 5, 2021

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candy boxes wholesale

Candy Boxes Wholesale – A Comprehensive Packaging for Marriage Gifts

Custom Candy Boxes

Candy boxes are often used for gift items, to give candies or chocolates in a fully customized good looking box. These candy boxes wholesale are designed in a way that looks excellent when presented to someone as a gift or gift. These days, candy packaging is used a lot for marriage favors or used as a giveaway at a birthday party or any other family get-together. Custom Candy Boxes embellished with gold foiling, embossing, and spot UV coating looks very good. A personalized picture and advice are also added to give these boxes a personalized party theme look and to fascinate guests!

Candy Boxes as Marriage Favor

Candy boxes that are used as marriage ceremony favors have tuck top with the auto bottom so that these are easy to place and gather. Usually, on marriage functions, these are designed with full gold foil background or gold foil cardboard along with custom black or red color print with a personalized message from the bride and groom. Stars and photos can also be added along with colorful ribbons to close the box in a most impressive manner.

There are several other ways to enhance the candy boxes wholesale for marriage favors. Foil stamping in red, inexperienced, and orange colors with the gold background looks very cool and the personalized message is out in these colors on a gold ground. Picture of the bride and groom can also be embossed on the boxes to give it a traditional look!

Our custom candy boxes come in two-piece style, Tuck top auto bottom style, and roof style. The most generally used technique is the one with tuck top & auto bottom. These boxes don’t need any gluing and are pre-filled and ships flat, just need to open and pop the boxes and load the favors within. Red or pink color bands can be used to enhance the box. Costs for these candy boxes wholesale vary from the style of the box and size you want to order!

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