July 24, 2021

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Capacitive Discharge Welder Offers Many Benefits To Manufacturers

Capacitor discharge welding is resistance welding that pulls energy stored in a large capacitor bank. It does not take energy from a power distribution network. This ability to rely on stored energy makes people rethink resistance welding technology. It is great for projection welding as the weld times are shorter and more concentrated. In a typical resistance welding setup, the weld may take as long as 100 milliseconds. Comparatively, in capacitor discharge welding it takes only 12 milliseconds. This big-time difference is what makes this technology leap forward in mass production. When you have large weld orders and production needs to be completed quickly, this is the right technology to use.

Capacitors can be recharged quickly and in the past, this was not possible due to limitations in technology. This advancement is a result of inverter technology. The devices of today can handle a rush of energy and are not as fragile as they used to be. In the past, there were many accidents with the capacitive discharge welders due to a lack of voltage stabilization system. Now with well-engineered devices, there are zero accidents. Safety used to be a big concern in the past and now with the modern equipment welding professionals have peace of mind knowing all will go well with the welding projects.

With the newer machines, there is no heat-affected zone. The joints come out like laser welded, and in it, the characteristics of the metal do not change during the welding process. There is hardly any surface deformation or spatter. Laser welding is very expensive as the equipment cost is high and comparatively the capacitive discharge welders are more affordable and give almost similar results.

As the equipment does not require a strong power supply, it can be used for off the grid applications as well.  Today you can find these welders doing their job in many rural communities. You can run it on only 60 amps if you like. The generators serve as a good source of reliable power in such areas.

Another good thing about these welders is that their electrodes last a lot longer. During weld jobs, the concentration of energy on two pieces of metal under the pressure of the electrode is quick and this allows the electrode a longer life as it does not have to work hard. It takes less wear and tear due to the shorter weld cycle.

There is also less wastage as the parts to be welded never get deformed or damaged. This makes the technology ideal for sheet metal. Today, the capacitive discharge welders are widely used in the manufacturing of automatic transmission components. Due to the low cost and many benefits associated with it, manufacturers are making the best use of it.  They are introducing new types of material to make the cars lighter and stronger. These materials are very complex to weld with other types of welders.  A capacitive discharge welder can weld very high strength steels and can also be used in the manufacture of transmission components and airbags assemblies. It is suitable for welding battery tabs, wires, foil, electronics, terminals, and more. Welders made by Avio and Sunstone are very reliable and available online. Technical advice and free test welds are available.

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