October 29, 2020

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Chair Slip Covers: A New Couch Each Time

If you want to make sure that your guests will see your house at its finest, you have to make sure everything is perfect. If you have guests coming over, you need to clean every single space and nook of your house. One of the major problems that hosts encounter is their sofa.

Usually, the sofa is the most torn up furniture in the house because it is used every single day. Some people sleep in their sofas and leave it smelling like sweat and saliva. Other people are couch potatoes and all they do is watch TV, eat popcorn and drink beer. They usually spill liquid all over the couch and just let it dry.


Good thing with crumbles, you will be able to vacuum but when beer spills on your sofa it will be impossibly hard to remove the smell. You might think that the only possible way to entertain guests would be to have your sofa upholstered or for you to buy a new sofa set. You do not have to do that. You do not have to spend fortunes for a new sofa just because you are hosting a party at home. What you can do is to purchase chair slip covers.

What are chair slip covers? These are fabrics that are designed to cover your furniture so it will be clean. Back in history, these covers were just pieces of fabric that you put over your chair even if it does not necessarily fit. This was a desperate move for housewives before who just really wants to keep their sofa and couches clean.

Good thing now, these slip covers are altered. They are now called sure fit slip covers because unlike before, the covers now will fit your couches perfectly well and really prevent it from getting dirty. The covers are now made from stretchable materials that you can simply dress your couch no matter how big or small it is.

The seat covers are also available in different styles, sizes, colors and designs from ottomans, denim slipcovers and so on. For the arm rest of your recliners, there is sectional covers specifically made for that part too.

Another form of specific slip cover would have to be the chaise slipcovers. This type of slip cover is for the patio and other furniture outside your home. Like the slip covers that you use inside your home, this one is also allows your outside furniture to look like new and to keep it clean. It also prevents your furniture from damage since it is exposed to sun, air and water.

You will never have to worry about hosting parties or having people over if you have these covers. Slip covers are fairly affordable for only $200. You can also buy on sale season. Buy during the seasonal sale. You can also check out garage sales and auction sites to get discounts. You can buy as many as you like so it will look like you have a new sofa each time.

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