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Direct-Drive VS Belt-Driven Turntable

Checklist When Buying Your Own Turn Table

You’re not a true music lover unless you listen to music on vinyl. A good turntable lets you enjoy music on vinyl records and explore the world of sound in the most organic way. With a turntable, you can also listen to record collections from classic and famous artists. And whether you’re buying a new turntable or you’re using one for the first time, let these tips help you out:

Direct-Drive VS Belt-Driven Turntable

There are two kinds of vinyl turntables: direct-drive turntable and a belt-driven turntable. Direct-drive turntables run on consistent speeds and don’t need adjustment. This type of turntable also lets the platter move in dual directions. If you are thinking of using a turntable for DJ scratching, then this is the type of turntable for you. 

Meanwhile, a belt-driven turntable isolates the machine motor to one side, and this rotates the platter using an elastic belt. This belt can wear out; therefore, this is often replaced. And the distance between the motor and the tonearm reduces operating noise, and thus belt-driven turntables are quieter.  

What Kind Of Turntable Features You Need

There are basic turntables that come with just a platter and a needle, but some modern turntables have more features, which can make the machine more efficient and convenient to use. Some turntables have variable playback speeds in RPM or revolutions-per-minute. Large 12-inch records run at 33 1/3 rpm while the smaller 7-inch records are at 45 rpm. 

Look for modern turntables with USB ports; this will let you direct-line the turntable to a computer and play and record digital music of your vinyl music collection. Select turntables with essential tone-arm cueing features which come in manual and automatic versions. Also, look for anti-shock stabilization features, which are vital if you want to move the turntable and transport it wherever you want to use it.                                                                                               

What About Turntable Parts And Accessories

Choose only turntable brands and models with replaceable parts. Consider that some cheap turntables are harder to fix once something breaks like the stylus. If the stylus breaks, you need to scrap the entire table because you can’t remove it from the tonearm. An upgradeable unit is better; midrange turntables will let you customize the platter, stylus, and belt.   

How Much Is Your Budget?

There’s no doubt that more expensive turntables are better than cheaper ones. How much better will depend on how much you want to spend. Consider that units that cost $100 and below are cheaply made ones while $100 and above have better specs and features. You may also look for second-hand turntables if you have a tight budget. 

Strings 30 Album Songs

But be wary of buying second-hand turntables. Although these are cheaper, it may not be as efficient as a new one. Also, some parts and accessories may need to be replaced; therefore, these are additional expenses on your part. 

And consider if a second-hand unit is safe to use. Some electrical components of this unit may not be as good as new and may even become an electrical or fire hazard. With all these concerns, you may now properly decide on whether a new or second-hand turntable is the best for you.

Ask For Recommendations And Professional Advice

Ask for recommendations for good turntable models from professionals, artists, and store personnel. Usually, the first thing they’ll ask you is your experience with a turntable, which helps them gauge the best model for your needs. Also, ask for a durable and high-quality brand to get your money’s worth. 

Partner With Good-Quality Stereo System

To listen to good music with your turntable, invest in a good quality stereo system and speakers. Some turntables come with speakers but may not be as good as speakers that are connected to a pre-amp or receiver. You may also find second-hand preamp systems that can save you money but consider the features and safety of the equipment before you purchase. 

Connect To A Pre-Amp

A phono preamp is used to enhance the sound of the record player to the volume you want. Usually, new or used turntables should be connected to a preamp to boost audio. You can buy a decent preamp system in most electronic stores for less than $50. 

Get Vinyl Turntable Cleaning Supplies

One thing to do to play your records better is to remove dust. You must have quality dust-removal and record cleaning supplies like a felt or a microfiber brush, record cleaning solution (made from distilled water, detergent and isopropyl alcohol, anti-static plate pads, and record sleeves. 

Don’t Forget A 45 Gap Spacer 

A gap spacer for 45 vinyl records is used because this kind of vinyl record has a larger hole in the middle than 12-inch records. Sometimes a gap spacer is included in the turntable purchase, but sometimes it’s not. It can be very frustrating to buy a turntable in hopes of playing your 45 collections only to find out that it is not included in the set.  

Get More Vinyl Records To Listen To 

You’ll find playing music using a vinyl turntable one of the best ways to listen to all kinds of music. Why not expand your collection of vinyl records to include different music genres like classical, rock, and ballads. Although most music stores don’t sell vinyl records anymore, you can find these in resale shops, antique shops, thrift shops, and garage sales. You may also connect with collectors through social media to find tasteful music from different genres.

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