July 29, 2021

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Commercial Pest Control – Get Comprehensive Solutions for Your Business

What Pests do?

A pest is something that does not belong to the environment on which it feeds on and destroys the productivity of the environment. For example if you look at various types of weeds which grow along with the crops. They share the nutrients required by the crops and in turn reduce the productivity.

Rodents, birds, biological pests like insects, bacteria, weeds are the most important class of pests which infect various types of environments and their elimination and / or reduction is often a costly affair. Take the case of crops either commercial or food crops. The weeds can be eliminated or managed through crop rotation, exchange of crops, spraying of weedicides or repellents. Apart from these, there are some other alternatives available like burning away the infected plants, use of foils, scarecrows or even hunting or shooting the birds can result in reduction of infestation of the pets.

Commercial Pest Management Services

Rodents affect the yields badly in case of some crops which can be managed by administration of chemicals. The bacteria or virus or other insects like locusts can be controlled through chemicals, used of other virus / bacteria which are natural predators and can kill the organisms infecting the crops. Warehouses also have to take a lot of measures for protection of the goods stored from bacteria, insects, rodents etc. They use several methods like fumigation with chemicals, traps that can be both mechanical or chemical and poisoned baits.

Commercial Pest Control is again an important requirement for the food processing industry. The industry needs to prepare the food items in a very sterile and hygienic atmosphere. Any infestation by the pests like bacteria, insects, rodents etc., will result in rejection of the food items and even legal action by the government authorities as this affects the public health. Hence these industries needs to take active role in commercial pest management in the form of chemical sprays of the area, chemical and mechanical traps, baits, chemical or organic repellents etc. At the same time they need to take care of the fact that the chemicals used in the pest management does not affect the health of the users.

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