June 12, 2021

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Comprehensive Information About Online Memorization Of The Quran

A person who whole-heartedly memorizes the Quran is titled as Hafiz. Hafiza is a term used for females. They are known as guardians of the Quran because the teachings of the Quran are fixed in their hearts for the rest of life. The literal meaning of the word Hafiz is the ‘’memorizer or guardian of the Quran’’. A Hafiz or Hafiza is capable of eloquent recitation of the Quran.

What are the benefits of memorization of the Quran?

The benefits of the Quran memorization can never be summarized in a few words. Allah will bless the parents of Hafiz or Hafiza with a shining crown on the day o judgment. Self-healing is connected with the language of the Quran. The memorization of the Quran enhances learning skills and socio-cultural benefits.It has been medically confirmed that recitation of the Quran takes you away from anxiety, depression, neurological, and physical disorders.Online Quran reading academies provide a certificate of completion in the end. After completing Ijazh course, you become a certified scholar to teach other students.

Is it compulsory to memorize all chapters of the Quran?

Muslims strongly believe that a person who memorizes the Quran becomes significant infront of Allah. All Muslims must learn and understand the teachings of the Quran. However, it is not compulsory to memorize the entire Quran. There are different types of memorization of the Quran. For example, some students prefer to memorize the complete Quran (all 30 chapters) while others like to memorize short surahs. Online Quran reading academies offer affordable packages to learners. The learners can choose any course according to their interests. Obviously, every memorization course has its benefits.

How long will it take to memorize the Quran?

Well, the memorization of the Quran is a very challenging job. It requires a lot of dedication, personal interest, and motivation. There is no fixed time. The holy book of the Quran has 114 surah, 6236 verses, 80,000 words, 330,000 characters, 540 ruku, and 15 sajdahs. On average, if a person memorizes 20 verses per day, it will take 365 days to memorize the whole Quran. Online Quran memorization gives the privilege to slow learners to move with a self-paced strategy. However, memorization power varies from person to person. Some students complete this prestigious task in just two years while some students take more than three years. It is totally up to you.

How can I memorize the Quran from e-learning platforms?

Online Quran memorization encourages students to take virtual classes without geographical limits. Many reasons emphasize students to memorize the Quran by taking online Quran classes. Two of them are flexible timings and a disturbance-free environment. The students can take one-to-one Skype sessions by experienced teachers on their fixed time. The distraction-free environment helps students to quickly learn lessons. Moreover, well-qualified teachers share different techniques to quickly memorize the Quran. The extensive revision sessions and tests strengthen the memorizing efficiency of students. Similarly, the weekly progress report gives encouragement and determination to students. 

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