June 12, 2021

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Disruptive Fintech Automation Is A Gamechanger

The whole world is up for a grand spin since the advent of the internet and automation in various forms.

The churning of various robust and integrative technologies, especially in the finance industry, is stated to bring about massive automation powers.

Coined as Fintech, the immersion of technology in the finance function will add in ease, cut down costs, negate manpower and even streamline and make better the deliverability.

Whether it is in the form of using artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, usage of bitcoins, or even robotics, the air in the finance industry is up for a significant turnaround.

Simplification of tasks, negating much paperwork, centralizing and updating various databases, customer engagement and even currency making, nothing is unturned with such disruptive automotive technologies.



The use of artificial intelligence is getting pervasive day by day. In the finance industry, the usage of artificial intelligence is very resourceful.

 General functions which aid in decision making for the management set to be done with the help of application of artificial intelligence like:

  • Risk management
  • Fraud detection
  • Budget Analysis
  • Making tailor-made financial products and services

The cardinal aspect of using artificial intelligence as part of FinTech is that it identifies various data patterns to predict any occurrence of fraud or impending risk.

Additionally, as it can comprehend large sets of data, analysis of various budgets to provide valuable insights to the management for decision making is quickly done.


It is the next big thing which is to bring about a disruptive revolution in the way the finance industry functions as a whole.

Blockchain is so formatted that it assist is providing: 

  • Robust Security solution with multiple points of verification
  • negate third-party dependence in the loan process
  • Datamining for better analysis and decision making
  • Negate manual data reconciliation

In other words, the benefits of implementation of blockchain technology are multi-fold as it offers streamlined security features in the most fraud-proof manner.

Companies and people willing to adopt this technology into their business can make use of doorstep loans provided by online lenders.

These cash loans are straightforward to avail wherein by just some clicks on the website, an authorized agent of the company will visit the borrower to grant a loan.


Another very cardinal aspect of the implementation of various technologies in the finance sector is for churning out relevant and vital information from the sea of data sets.

This function is very crucial for various kinds of financial uses as with the help of this information, only better forecasting possibilities are made.

The accurate prediction capabilities of a company get raised with the help of AI-based data mining and analytics tools to enable better budget preparations.

It, in turn, will lead to good and accurate decision making and optimum allocation of resources for the management.


Robotics process automation or the use of robotics for various finance functions, is the next impending fad.

Robotics technology assists in completing repetitive tasks efficiently in a fraction of the time, along with various kinds of virtual assistance.

The manual work burden of various bookkeeping and compliances gets reduced considerably, and many costs can be saved in this manner.

For conducting repetitive tasks, workforce need not allot, and much saving can be done in terms of various paperwork as well.

The quality of functions delivered through RPA is very good and precise in comparison to the tasks done by human interference.

People and companies who want to implement robotics technology in their business can do so with the help of taking external funding assistance.

Loans for bad credit from direct lenders are beneficial in the implementation of robotics automation.


Already implemented by many companies, and pending for implementation, chatbots assist in customer management.

Any type of query handling, grievance redressal or any customer interaction with the help of chatbots is beneficial.

Many human resources for taking care of repetitive functions in many companies is now done by chatbots to solve problems.

Chatbots offer online chat facilities for people to communicate any thought regarding any financial product or service,

So, this ensures that any customer grievances in the finance industry are solved instantly.

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