April 23, 2021

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Does astrology have a scientific basis, is it a Science?

Today there are many astrology forecasts in newspapers, magazines, on news sites, in the morning TV programs. Astrologers were invited to specialize in human relations, asking them to predict political events. Does astrology have a scientific basis, is it a science?


The word “astrology” consists of two parts – astro (star) and logos (instruction). The ending “logos” are used in the names of many sciences, science-based directions and practices: biology, ecology, psychology, physiology, geology, gerontology, cynology, radiology, etc. It misleads many people who believe that divination by a person from the stars also has a scientific basis.

In fact, best astrologer in Ludhiana Punjab forecasts use knowledge of mathematics, celestial mechanics (of course, astrologers themselves do not make these calculations, but draw ready-made results), but move from the exact (based on science) determination of the apparent position of celestial bodies to predict the fate of a person occurring outside of some or science and the scientific method in general.

Scientific knowledge differs from any other (artistic, sensual, dogmatic, esoteric, occult) in explanation and evidence. Any scientific statement is inferred from facts according to the laws of logic and has the ability to predict (for example, you can calculate hundreds of years in advance when and in what place on the earth an eclipse of solar, or what happens if you mix one element with another in another or in other proportions, under certain conditions, etc.). Astrological statements that a person born under such and such a sign will have such and such character traits and that such or such a person is waiting for him, are taken from everywhere – under the it has no statistical studies, no explanation of the mechanism of influence of the arrangement of stars and planets on human destiny.

The absence of a scientific method in astrology clearly suggests that astrology is not a science.

None of the many scientific studies to test the predictions of astrologers yielded positive results. All predictions became statistically in the region of random distribution, no different from randomly drawn horoscopes.

A comparison was made by the fate of the so-called temporary s x twins, that is, people born at the same time (with a difference of no more than a few minutes), who also did not confirm the accuracy of the astrological axiom regarding the influence of the moment of birth to a person’s character and destiny.

Why does astrology remain popular?

According to the best Vastu consultant in Ludhiana, this is explained, first, by the desire of people to know their future, to receive easy answers and advice, to relieve themselves of at least some of the responsibilities for their lives, and secondly, by Barnum effect, consisting in the fact that people are extremely high and not critical refer to any descriptions of their personality, which are supposedly created individually for them; in general, vague formulation, a person is inclined to see himself.

And the salary of the mathematicians is not so important that the mother is likely to starve if her daughter does not earn anything.”

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