August 5, 2021

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Economical Premix Concrete For A Stronger Foundation

Keeping in mind the value of your money and lack of time, our approach is to provide you with high-quality concrete in minimal time. Whether you are trying to save your time or money, a readymade concrete mix is the best solution for both. Not only it saves your time but also results in cost reduction of transporting bags, renting a mixture and cost to hire people for mixing. Furthermore, you get a guarantee of good quality with consistency. To get the tough stuff!

A fix with the right concrete mix!

The concrete is prepared in a batching plant at a huge mass. The plant has the capability of producing different grades and strengths of premix concrete with maintaining quality and consistency. The vast range of concrete includes waterproof concrete, 1-4 floors screed with fibers liquid screed, and all other grades of ready mix concrete bags. All the premix concrete is supplied following British standards BS EN 2061 BS 8500. If you are skeptical about the quantity required, you can use a concrete calculator to estimate the volume of the concrete needed for your project. We recommend you to order little more than the calculated results when purchasing. You can also connect with the customer care team and they will discuss all your requirements while assisting you through the entire process with the suggestion of right mixes for you.

Cost effective

All construction projects require a good amount of money. Efficient contractors help them find ways to reduce the cost of the project. Concrete prepared manually requires additional workforce and extra storage space for the material. You can cut off this cost by purchasing premix concrete with the same ratio of aggregates according to your requirement and time.

High quality and sustainability

A concrete mix from a reliable supplier provides quality assurance with a consistent ratio. Concrete is used for different areas, including floors and walls, only durability and strength will help the structure to stand for a longer span. An energy-efficient element in the concrete helps in minimizing the temperature fluctuation throughout the day because of exceptional insulating capabilities that allow saving energy.

Less storage required

With readymade concrete, you can save up the space required for the storage of raw material at the construction site. Mostly storage is a problem for most of the contractors and if that is the case, then ready mix concrete from a reliable company is the right solution.

Affordable option

On-site concrete mixing not only requires labor to mix concrete but also transportation and storage of raw materials and renting mixing machines. Arranging equipment and machinery for mixing purpose is another hassle and cost which contractors can easily eliminate by using pre-mix concrete.

Feasible for large projects

For large scale construction projects, especially tall buildings, ready mix concrete is the only option used as onsite mixing is not feasible where consistent quality is required. The best solution for consistent quality and strength is a readymade concrete mix. Why not make an actual Decision!

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