August 5, 2021

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FUE Hair Transplant Minimal Invasive Procedure

Grafting of hairs from the scalp, using a tweezers-like tiny handy-instrument, for the purpose of recovering natural-look of hairs of a bald person is known as Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant or FUE Hair Transplant. It is a surgical technique that helps to restore hair. Surprisingly, it is a simple outpatient activity. There are plenty of methods for getting one’s hair back with natural-look if one is getting rid of baldness. Therefore, main purpose of hair transplantation is hair loss treatment.  Why we have to choose just this technique despite having numerous other techniques for the same purpose. Here we will tell you about this methodology. what is this and how it works.

It is commonly said that FUE hair transplant procedure is an advancement of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). It seems quite right. There are two primary methods for hair extracting by using FUE. One is plucking one hair from the natural occurring four hairs group and other is strip harvesting. The size of transported hair is another important factor. The hair is used for transplantation must be less than 1mm in width and 5-6mm in length. The depth of transplanted hair on the recipient site varies from 3.5mm to 7mm. This variation depends on gender, age and pattern of baldness. Prone position for hair grafting helps in reducing bleeding while transplantation and makes more comfortable for patient. Bleeding is directly proportional to number of hairs to be transplanted. Therefore, essential support of the blood, in this regard, must be kept in mind.

At the end of twentieth century, the hair transplantation was not serving just for males. Females are also getting benefits from this technique. Grafting of hairs is not only used for the problem of alopecia areata and congenital alopecia but also for burn sequalae, eyelash-eyebrow loss, beard loss, and mustache loss.Each transplantation takes considerable time for getting required results. There are some contemporary precautions needed to be applied after this treatment. Firstly, avoid going dusty place for 2-3 weeks. Secondly, patient is unable to wear hat, cap and pardon before completing 7-8 weeks. Thirdly, that person cannot go for swimming before completing three months. The growth of hair is very slow during the first six months. So, the patient should not be panic for its rush recovery.

Due to various advantages, FUE hair transplant is gaining more popularity and becoming more common as compare to other techniques. Few of them are: minimal invasive, not hectic care after treatment, constant hair progress, invisible scars and less painful. It is hoping that gene therapy along with stem cell therapies would be the alternatives of hair transplanting in near future. But in current scenario, FUE hair transplant is considered as most efficient method for irreversible hair losses with 98% success score. 

The best possible features of FUE hair transplant are described here for the convenience of the readers. It is hardly to find such features in any other hair restoration techniques which the FUE has. So, after reading all these aspects and making sure whenever you need baldness treatment, Follicular unit extraction will be best choice. To read more detail about hair regrowth technique click

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