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Har ki dun

Har Ki Dun Valley: The Enthralling Trekking Trail

The trek to Har ki Dun is one of the most popular treks that happens in the country. The trek takes a person through the varying landscapes of uttarakhand as well as provides a glimpse into the mighty himalayan range. Several trekkers undertake the Har ki Dun trek to relish the natural beauty of the mountains. The brief itinerary for the trek is shared below:


Day 1: Dehradun- Sankri (187 Kilometers)

The Har ki Dun trek commences from the capital city of Uttrakhand that is Dehradun. Reach Dehradun a day before the actual trek from the city begins. The Har ki Dun trek will begin early in the morning. The first stop will be Sankri, which is located at a height of 1,950 meters. It takes eleven hours to reach Sankri from Dehradun. The ride will take you through the stunning vistas and alluring landscapes of uttarakhand. There will be overnight stay in Sankri.

Day 2: Sankri- Taluka- Osla (12 km drive & 14 km on foot)

The next day will begin early. You will have to travel from Sankri to Taluka. The 12 kilometers drive will be a pleasant one as you drive through the forests and lush greenery of Uttarakhand. After a brief stopover at Taluka, the actual trek on foot will commence. From Taluka we will trek through the forests and high altitude bridges with rivers as companions to reach Osla. The trek will be 14 kilometers long. Osla is preached at an altitude of 2,560 meters. Enjoy the bonfire at the campsite in Osla and rest for the night.

Day 3: Osla- Har ki Dun (11 Kilometers)

The third day is one of the most thrilling days during the entire trekking expedition. Today you will be trekking to the gorgeous Har ki Dun pass. The beautiful trek will begin early in the morning and you will get a glimpse of the mighty himalayan range. The Har ki Dun pass is located at a height of 6,200 meters. Enjoy the stunning vistas of Swargarohini and the Jaundhar glaciers during the trek. Enjoy night camping at the Har ki Dun pass.

Day 4: Har ki Dun- Jaundhar Glacier (6 Kilometers)

Rise to the beautiful morning of the mountains. Feast your eyes on the stunning sunrise of the Har ki Dun pass. Today is another day filled with thrilling adventure and beautiful scenery as we trek towards Jaundhar glacier. The trek will be seven hours long and will take you through the stunning rock formations of the mountains. The Jaundhar Glacier is located at a height of 4,300 meters. After enjoying the exquisite vistas of the Jaundhar glacier and then head back towards the Har ki Dun campsite. Enjoy the star filled night sky and then retire for the night.

Day 5: Har ki Dun- Osla (11 kilometer)

This day marks the last day in Har ki Dun pass. Enjoy the shifting colors of the morning sky before starting the return journey towards Osla. The 11 kilometers trek from Har ki dun to Osla takes around four to five hours to complete. Enjoy the alluring vistas around you as you trek at a comfortable pace to reach Osla. The small hamlet and the ancient temple will surely hold your interest. Explore the village of Osla and then retire for the night at the campsite.

Day 6: Osla- Sankri ( 26 Kilometer)

The sixth day of the Har ki dun trek is a busy and tiring one as you trek through the steeps paths. The trek takes around seven to eight hours to complete. On the trek, witness the alpine nature as well as several orchids and enjoy the amazing landscapes. Reach Sankri by evening and retire for the night.

Day 7: Sankri- Dehradun

Today is another tiring day as you have to drive for around 11 hours to travel from Sankri to Dehradun. This day also marks the end of the Har ki dun trekking expedition. Enjoy the uttarakhand beauty for one last time on this trip through the eleven hours drive. You will reach Dehradun by the evening and from there you can travel back towards your home.

This is all about the Har ki Dun trekking expedition.

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