September 25, 2020

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Has The Car Become Our Shield Of Protection During The Pandemic?

A car has come a long way since its inception, both in terms of its technical design and importance. The pandemic has made the car even more significant, find out how.

Ever since the car was invented in 1885/86, they have symbolised prestige and affluence. In those early days, owning a car made one a member of the elite society, which held more power and influence than anyone else.

In simple terms, the car was revered more than humans.

Landing from the 19th century to the 21st, the car had become a household asset. Almost everyone owned one of these vehicles; some even had two or three.

The popularity of this vehicle accounted for hundreds and thousands of cars on the roads leading to the massive traffics jams, but people still bought them.

Getting car finance in Ireland, despite bad credit is not uncommon and illogical. It is a basic need that needs fulfilling at all costs.

Now comes to the present year, the year that would be remembered for generations to come, the year of the pandemic and social distancing. This year made us realise the importance of owning a car.

Let us find out how.

The Dublin Bus and The Luas – Not too Popular

Although Ireland does not have an underground rail network, it does have a great bus and tram network.

The Dublin Bus is the prominent bus network in Dublin, having established 33 years ago. Before the pandemic, the buses had a daily passenger count of 325,000.

Luas is a tram service also referred to as the light train system. It was made operational in 2004 and last year. It had a daily passenger count of 114,500.

Despite the number of passengers being reduced in the pandemic, there is still a risk; a risk that cannot be ignored.

Even if one of those hundred thousand commuters had the virus, the tragic consequence of the same would become unbearable. Besides, the passengers will only be able to wipe down and sanitise so many surfaces.

What if the virus was stuck to your clothes, would you wipe them with a disinfectant as well that too when you are outside?

The answer shall be negative, and that is why the team and the bus cannot be availed in the pandemic.

The Taxis – Availed by Too Many

Buses and trams have one thing in common, they are more open than a car, a car that has already picked and dropped too many passengers to count.

In Dublin, the taxis are heavily regulated; they are safe to take even during nights. However, the pandemic has made taking a taxi even in broad daylight no less than terrifying.

Social distancing is the newest norm, and being in a car that has had so many more passengers, so many more than you can even count, social distancing becomes a bit of a problem.

Yes, there might not be people in the taxi when you hail it, but there must have one not long before.

You would never know whether that person was infected or not.

You would never know where his handprints could have been, being the taxi you are bound to meet the same areas that he or she touched.

In addition, what happens when you contract the virus?

You tell me is the taxi safe?

Your Car – The Epitome of Safety

As the government and the WHO have been saying from day 1, the wisest choice you can make in the pandemic is to stay at home, a place where only you live and which clear of all forms of outside germs.

However, staying at home is not always possible. We have to venture outside; there is no going around it.

Grocery shopping, doctor appointments or even taking your dog out for a walk, all of these are things that cannot be avoided.

In addition, you need a mode of transportation that will take you to these places.

Like our homes are our safe place in the pandemic, our own vehicles, a car primarily, is also our safe havens.

We can commute without the fear of catching the virus from someone else because no one else has been there apart from us.

Perhaps that is why people are taking up short term loans in Ireland to get a car and make their commute safer than it would be in public transportation. Moreover, they are the wisest of all of us.

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