August 5, 2021

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How AI Can Improve The Community Service For Betterment

Across the world, almost all the world is facing a serious social problem. The elderly people are becoming so lonely that it is very tough for them to sustain without any help. On the other hand, the children have to leave their respective houses for jobs, education and other responsibilities. They don’t have the luxury to stay and take care of their parents. On the other hand, as they are getting old, they need lots of dependencies. With the help of Community Services Perth, they can now make things much easier.

However, taking care of the disabled or elderly people is not at all an easy job as there are new challenges that emerge every day. Every different person is a new case and their behavior and condition are completely different from others. To ease these challenges, Artificial Intelligence or AI has shown some excellent ways that will be beneficial for the caregiver and the patients as well.

Many reputed Community Services in Perth are introducing AI tools and devices for assistance. From voice-controlled devices to automatic image recognition; these are working as the godsend gift for the human race.

Let’s check out some AI devices that will help the community service for the elderly and disabled people.

  1. Voice Assistance: The new age voice assistances like Google Home, Apple’s HomePad, Amazon’s Echo give them a new lease of life to those needy people for help. They can enjoy some free time by hearing songs, watching movies or surfing the net without any human assistance. It can be paired with smart home appliances and life will be easier than ever. They can switch off or on the light or fan; control the temperature of the air conditioner and many other works just with the help of their voices.  
  2. Image Recognition: The vision-impaired people are already getting assistance from a screen-reading program that will help them to navigate the website. However, it is not only the text as the images are a great part of any website as well. With AI programs, they can get assistance to photo classification and understanding of the context of photos. The newly developed API is able to read handwritten notes, describe any scene and color and do many other things that will help the person to get a clear idea about the imagery.
  3. Speech to text: For the people who have speech impediments due to brain injuries and stroke or cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Parkinson’s disease or other health condition will be benefitted by this AI program that will translate speech to text and text to speech. They can recognize and identify the pronunciation of the users and do the job accordingly. Apart from that, a new program designed for the deaf has also launched recently
  4. Self-driving car: The age and disability cannot bar anyone to take the taste of free life and the self-driving car is a great way for that. They can easily transport easily without any assistance. It has been seen that people suffering from vision impairing, deafness or down syndrome are successfully driven the car on the road. 
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