August 5, 2021

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Hair Extension Boxes

How Different Types of Custom Boxes Are Important

The role of custom boxes in every industry is important. Whether it is fashion, travel, food, or anything else, they are essential to pack products or keeping some gift stuff safely before presenting. Let’s discuss some type of custom boxes that how they are important.

  • Drawer style boxes:

The drawer style boxes are the imitation of drawers. Just as you pull out a drawer and fetch out the required things, this custom box works in the same fashion. The upper cover resembles the drawer and the wigs and hair extensions are placed inside the box. all you have to do is to pull out the box and fetch out the product. After usage, you can save the product in the same fashion.

  • Tuck boxes:

Tuck boxes are the kind of boxes having flaps at both ends. The flap boxes are an easier option for customization as well as for saving the hair extensions as they are quite smaller in size as compared to the wigs. The tuck boxes can be manufactured in window form as well. both reverse and straight tuck boxes are an easier option for hair extensions.

  • Cushioned boxes:

Cushioned boxes are also a splendid option for the hair extensions. The cushioned boxes can be used with embossed or stamped logos to provide a more luxurious image of the brand while providing the impression of high-quality products inside the packing.

  • Transparent boxes:

Transparent boxes are the best option for the kind of wigs and hair extensions that have unique color combinations. The slight difference in hair color and wig color is quite visible upon application. Some customers want the same color for the hair extensions. These transparent boxes are the best option for companies who do not want to open up their products for letting the customer check the product before using it.

  • Handled boxes:

Handled boxes are the option that offers comfort to the consumers. The question may arise in your mind that hair extensions or wigs are not as heavy items that need support or handle for carrying. The reason behind the handled bag is that the handled can be used for tagging the lots of hair extensions in a row for example in a salon or hair extension center. Handled boxes are an easier option when you have to provide the customers with a variety of hair extensions in the same color with a little variance.

Hair Extension Boxes

CBM Hair Extension Boxes:

The CBM hair extension boxes have the additional quality that they have maintained all of the above-mentioned aspects of manufacturing the custom boxes for wigs or hair extensions. The above-mentioned styles are also being manufactured at the CUSTOM BOXES MASTERS. These custom boxes are loved, recommended as well as used again and again by their customer over a while.

Hair extension packaging wholesale:

The best among all offers is always a discount deal and for a bulk of material what another discount would be other than the cheap wholesale rates. The CUSTOM BOXES MASTERS is offering high-quality material for quite cheap as well as affordable price range in wholesale prices.

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