August 5, 2021

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How does memorize Quran make your memory sharp?

We already understand that there are many spiritual benefits and rewards that Allah SWT has promised those who memorize the Quran. In addition to spiritual advantages and rewards, memorizing the Quran can likewise bring various other health advantages from mental health to physical health. 

As we are already aware that memorizing The Holy Quran is not a piece of cake as it is in Arabic and the words are very difficult. When the Holy Quran was revealed the language was not like it is nowadays, but it was very tough. That is the reason why even the Arabic speakers find problems in memorizing Quran. It has benefits in this world and the next. Your memory space will increase and more storage will be added. 

Your brain will get mental exercise which will enable it to think outside the box. Your brain will be strong and capable of thinking highly. You will be much smarter than you ever were. However, you can always learn Quran online to make it easy for yourself.

Memorizing Quran can help increase your memory space

Memorizing something is like mental gymnastics. The more you repeat the thing you want to learn, the stronger and tougher the connection between neurons and the brain grows. In turn, your brain develops its memory capacity, taking it beyond its former capacity and duration to remember. Think of it as upgrading your memory chip from 16GB to 128GB just by memorizing the Quran or maybe anything else.

So as you memorize the Quran, you are increasing your brain’s potential to memorize even more! Regular memorization will further strengthen your memory muscle in general, so perhaps next time you may not forget where you left your keys.

Memorizing Will make you smarter

A lot of people falsely think that memorizing is not ‘real learning’ as they understand learning ought to encompass more than just what you can memorize and regurgitate. While it is true that learning should also involve knowledge and context, it does not imply that memorizing does not have a place in the learning process.

Neurobiologists believe recalling facts or texts can make your brain more responsive and agile. This helps us to develop the foundations of more powerful thought because we were more promptly able to recall facts required for complex thought or problem-solving.

Building a working memory Can help us learn new things and spur creativity

Memorizing builds a ‘working memory’ which helps us possess sufficient information in our mind to earn a sense of new information coming in. Research by Weber State University observed that students with underdeveloped short-term memory struggled to master the concepts in math and reading.

Effective memory is necessary for creativity. Dutch researchers remarked that people with a higher working memory size could perform much more creatively. But, under cognitive load that minimizes working memory, they performed terribly on a creative insight job.

Memorizing Quran will give you a lot of knowledge about Islam. This will affect your brain and your brain will open up and urge you to read books and earn knowledge. If you are unable to learn the Quran then you should learn Quran Online to make it easy as the professional teachers will make it easy for you.

Memory training can help slow down mental deterioration

Growing mental deterioration such as Alzheimer’s or disorders of mental processes like dementia can befall in middle or old age. At an early age, memory loss is mild. As memory fades further, it can influence thinking skills with the results ranging from losing the ability to hold a conversation and responding to the environment.

Memorizing the Quran and regularly revising it can be a form of memory training as a healthy lifelong habit. Researchers from the National Institute on Health and Aging have found that practising memorization allows the elderly adults to delay typical cognitive decline by seven to 14 years and potentially prevent cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Youth who start practising memory training now can stay sharp in years to come.

All of the human parts are connected with our brains. If our brain gets weak, I can affect other systems as well. We might get weak and lose our energy or see illusions which do not make sense. If something is to happen to our brain, it can result in our daily routine. 

Memorizing Might reduce stress and improve health

Poor memory and organization might produce a hectic life, whether in your studies, at work, or at home. Since memorizing trains your brain to boost your memory capacity, this can help you get better organized in your life and decrease stress levels.

As we know, stress is linked to many health disorders such as heart disease, obesity, anxiety, and depression. Reducing our stress can thus begin to improve our health. Concurrently, solely lowering your stress levels develops your memory further and accelerates the concrete benefits with a cascading effect.

When we are memorizing something, our brain is busy. There are chances that we will forget our worries for a while due to distractions. That is why memorizing can reduce stress and improve health. Stress leads to a lot of dangerous diseases and can ruin your life or even end it. A person has many worries in their life and they need something to not think about it for a while. You will have a successful life if you have a healthy and a smart brain. You will escape from many troubles. There are different kinds of situations a person has to go through. For that, we need to have a strong and healthy brain.

Masha’Allah, these are some of the additional advantages that memorizing the Quran can produce. Of course, the terminal benefit is the reward from Allah SWT in the afterlife, Insha’Allah.

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