August 5, 2021

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importance of sports

How does Sports prove to be Beneficial for your Child’s Growth and Development?

There was a time when children were more intrigued about jumping and playing in the park but many now prefer to sit in front of the TV and laptop screens. This is not only affecting them physically, but mentally as well.

Video games, smartphones, televisions are just making children lazy and lethargic day by day.

Boarding school and sports

Sports has become an important part of the curriculum these days and with boarding schools providing amenities such as trained coaches, various types of equipment and time to work on their sports skills, they have proved to enhance children’s mental and physical capabilities. 

Schools in India

India is home to many top schools that provide excellent sports coaching. Whether it is a day school, boarding school or the best international school in India, the emphasis is on sports education as well as on academics. 

Reasons why sports should be made an integral part of the curriculum

Learn essential life skills

Children learn a lot by being a part of sports activities, which helps in their holistic development and teaches them essential skills that are required for a successful and healthy future. 

They learn to cope up with failure and celebrate success with everyone, which prepares them to face success or failures in the future as well. 

Sports help in developing them both psychologically and physically. 

Learn to be responsive

Sports are a team activity that requires a child to be quick with their responses in any situation by analysing and inspecting all the facts.

While being part of sports, a child develops many social skills such as confidence, discipline, positive self-esteem and a strong memory.  

Boarding schools motivate them to be part of a healthy competition by providing them with a great platform and well-qualified coaches to boost and train them.

Helps them with academics

It is a known fact that indulging in physical activities helps in the development of the brain; it improves the concentration and creativity of a child. Sports helps in reducing stress, which means a child can focus on his academics much better.

In a boarding school, a perfect balance of studies and sports is made to ensure that children do not exhaust themselves just by focusing on studying all day. Sports acts like a dose of energy that helps children improve academically as well. 

Helps them become healthy

With so many devices revolving around us, children are becoming more and more inactive which is resulting in unhealthy bodies, sluggish behaviour and obesity. 

Children have become so used to comfort that they do not even realize the benefits of physical activity.

This is where the boarding school curriculum is best, with a daily dose of sports as a part of the timetable. It helps in improving their health, lifestyle and fights with obesity issues as well. 

Get good opportunities

Sports education is as important as academics and opens the gate to many opportunities.

If a child develops a passion for any sports and is well trained, they can participate in both national and international level tournaments. They can achieve great success in the field and may even turn it into their career. Added bonus is that it paves the way to fame as well.

Boarding schools provide a well-experienced coach who can train your child well and motivate them to achieve great heights in the field they are interested in.

Summing up Sports teach a child to accept winning and losing gracefully, where the children learn to respect their subordinates and authorities. They adapt to a healthy lifestyle and become part of positive activities.

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