May 10, 2021

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How The Parents Can Take Good Care Of The Low-Birth-Weight Baby?



 There are several kinds of hospitals that provide top-notch quality suggestions and guidelines to the parents about the low-birth-weight baby care in Hyderabad which the parents need to follow so that they can make sure that their child will be having a very healthy life. In case any of the babies weigh less than 2.5 kgs after birth then parents always need to pay proper attention to different kinds of additional precautions and following are some of the very basic points which the parents need to pay attention to:


  1. Breastfeeding is the best possible way of nourishing the baby and to gain weight this is very much important. It is also very much vital for the mothers to follow a comprehensive breastfeeding schedule so that there is a proper record about the milk-drinking habits for the baby and it should be done at regular intervals to ensure that baby gets proper feeds at the right time. Normally the doctors suggest that all such babies require feed after every three hours in all such cases.
  2. The skin to skin contact will also benefit the low-birth-weight baby because holding the baby directly against the skin is known as the concept of kangaroo care. This particular system will always allow the babies to gain weight and maintain proper body warmth because it will be regulating the heart and building rates. Ultimately it will provide people with better chances of successful breastfeeding. Massage is another very important remedy that the parents need to follow by gently rubbing the baby skin with the help of massage oil which is very much comfortable for the baby.
  3. It is very much important for people to follow different kinds of sleeping guidelines with proper consultation with doctors. The parents must always sleep in the same room as the baby but not on the same bed. All such parents should use a co-sleeper or move the baby scrub next to the bed. The baby should always be put on sleep on the back, not on the tummy or any other sides.
  4. Monitoring the baby growth closely is very much important with proper consultation by the paediatrician because it will help the babies to gain weight. It is highly advisable for the parents to never miss any kind of checkups and track the progress of the baby growth perfectly and identify different kinds of problems at every stage. It is also important on behalf of people to ensure that baby is getting vaccinated on time. Tracking the weight and length of the baby along with proper measurements is also very important so that development can be easily accessed.
  5. It is very much important on behalf of people to provide the people with proper support which they need for example providing immense comfort to the baby and fulfilling all the baby needs on time.


 Hence, one can also go with the option of depending upon the prem term baby speciality Hospital in Hyderabad because the hospital includes the top-notch quality professionals in this particular field who will be providing the new mommies with the best possible pieces of advice.


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