October 21, 2020

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How to Choose the Right Private School for Your Child

Private schools in Singapore have an excellent reputation. But that doesn’t mean that all those schools are right for your child. There are plenty of factors you’ll need to consider, much more than the cost of the tuition fee. Here are a few of the factors you’ll want to check out before you pick a school for your child. The sooner you go through the list, the sooner you can get started in finding the right option for your child’s education and schooling. 

Reputation Within the Community 

A lot of schools have an excellent reputation, at least until you dig deeper, and you discover a ton of issues with the management, the curriculum, staff and more. That’s why it pays to choose a school that has an excellent reputation within the community where it locates itself. A clear indication that you’re choosing the right option. A wonderful reputation for helping out in the community, of producing well-adjusted and balanced students go a long way to helping you pick the school that’s ideal for your child. 

Educational Goals for Your Child

What kind of education do you want for your child? Are you looking for a curriculum that’s heavily invested in STEM subjects because you want your child to have a solid academic foundation? After all, excellent academic records can help your kid land his or her dream college and job. Or do you want your child to go to a school that offers training and programmes for writing, drawing or even painting? It would be useful, at this point, to realize that while the educational goals you hold for your child matter, remember that it’s his or her goals must be considered as well. For instance, it’s best to find a curriculum that’s a good match for your child’s interests, skills, and talent. That way, she’ll have the training she needs to hone her craft, to be better at the hobby or talent that she’s passionate about. Don’t just pick a school because of its academic strength. Consider if it’s a fit for your little one. 

Teaching Staff 

Take a look at the teaching staff at the private schools in Singapore that you are considering. What kind of credentials do they have? Are they qualified to teach your child and look after the needs of every student in class? Are the teachers passionate about imparting lessons to the kids or are they just clocking in the day for a paycheck? Do they care about the kids or do you think the teachers are too rigid or set in the ways that they won’t value or recognize the importance of kids who ask questions in class, who challenge the norm with the way they think, who stands out? The best teachers don’t stifle the spirit of growth and creativity in their students. They inspire it. Their relentless and continued encouragement change their students’ lives, enough to the point that their students are able to focus better in class, are much more engaged, and are happy and fulfilled, believing that they can do it. 

Level of Support 

Everybody’s finding their way around, even the teachers. But that doesn’t mean you and the rest of the parents should be left in the lurch. A good school will provide resources and levels of support to help you and your child. Whether it’s as simple—but frustrating—as failing to log into a class—or much more complex—such as finding a way to stop your child from succumbing to negative thoughts and anxiety, the right school should have ready support and assistance for you. This is also a good time to think about reaching out to other parents for support. If you don’t have a parent network at that school yet, consider starting one. 

Learning Environment 

Not all schools should rank high on your list, even if they have an impeccable reputation. Consider the learning environment. Will your child thrive in that community? Will you? Some schools have rigid learning practices that the students will never dream of going against the norm. These schools won’t appreciate students asking questions or talking back. But if your child is a rule-breaker, then he’ll only be unhappy in that kind of learning environment. What you can do, then, is to pick a school that’s a good fit for your child’s personality. Some schools have flexible learning environments. They have teachers who are well able to deal with cheeky students in ways that don’t humiliate or put the students down. Instead, these teachers know how to talk to them as equals. They know exactly what to say to motivate them into getting interested in the class. That’s the kind of learning environment that you might want for your child. If it is, then keep looking and checking out your school options until you find the best school for your kid. 

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