July 29, 2021

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Roundhouse Cutback

How to do a Roundhouse Cutback while Surfing?

As we talk about the most functional form of maneuvers in any surfer’s arsenal, then we always add the name of roundhouse cutback.  This is one such sort of move which is used by almost every single surfer at all levels of surfing.  It is helpful in terms of having a complete control on the rail and let you bring yourself back to the power of your wave for generating more power in your surfing.  The actual idea behind the roundhouse surfing is all about turning your whole board in the opposite direction into the wave’s breaking motion.   There are few basic tips which you need to follow when it comes to performing roundhouse cutback while surfing! Let’s teach you a few!

Tip No 1

As you are paddling into the wave and as you make the first drop, you will instantly be looking down into the line to see that how the wave has been breaking.  Now as you have finally asses it, you have to look ahead around 6 feet and look for an excellent section for the bottom turn. In the beginning of this whole move, you need to pay attention on your speed. You have to generate as much speed as it is possible.

Tip No 2

As you decide that now it’s time to change the direction, you have to keep your eyes on that point. This is so much important for the beginners who are surfing for the first time.  You have to choose one single point where you will be making your first turn.  There is no need to turn yourself so much quickly. Just make sure you have calmed your body and then turn yourself vertically.

Tip No 3

You should keep eyes stay fixes on your turning point until and unless you have not completely indicated the turn.  As if you are coming from the bottom turn, you have to keep the board completely flat on top of the wave and then maintain your weight in the forward direction to retain the whole speed.  It is important to maintain the weight and your body all together at the midpoint section of your surfboard.

Tip No 4

Now as you have reached at the top of the turn, you need to think all over again and give a look at the bottom area of the wave.  As you reach near to the turning point, you will feel that the friction of the board has completely grabbed you and the speed has also gradually decreased.  The entire framework of the turn will depend on how much bottom or with how much gravity you will be pressurizing your whole body.

If you are a new surfer or surfing as a beginner, then it is important to take a better guidance from the surfing experts. They can better let you know about which basics are important for performing roundhouse cut back in the middle of the waves.

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