August 5, 2021

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How to get rid of the car windows spot?

Whether on-road or at home, car lovers are bound to keep their car in a shining position. But when the car is washed with clean water, the result should be like a spotless finish from top to bottom. But in case the scenario isn’t the same, and you notice a lot of window spots, or spots anywhere on your car caused by water even after you dry it with a clean towel, it is surely very difficult to determine where you went wrong. A car requires a perfect clean every now and then, whether you hire professionals for car cleaning at home or do it by yourself, you need to keep in mind the following issues regarding the windows spots.

  1. Get Frequent Car Washes – Washing your car on frequent intervals are surely very important, so you can’t afford to miss on this. Those water spots on the windshield and the painted surface of your car can be caused due to multiple reasons, some of which are as follows:

• Basic salt accumulation from the saltwater particles,
• Mineral build-up from the exposure to a non-filtered water source, and
• The acid rain exposure when you live or drive through a highly polluted environment.

Apart from this, even if your car is older or is in poor condition, thenoxidation might have taken over. This means that the paint of your car has degenerated and became porous in order to attract materials, which leaves behind those spots and stains that are surely hard to eliminate. Thus, giving your car a frequent wash is surely a good option.

  1. Avoid Storing Your Car in Harmful Environment – It is very imperative as to where you live and how you keep your car safe from those harmful elements in the atmosphere. In case your place doesn’t offer a carport or a garage, it is advisable to use a car cover when your car is not in use. There are times when your car can be exposed to utmost environments like heat and rain like acid rain, which can surely be a significant contributor to those unwanted spots on the windshield. GoKleen helps in reducing the effect of those acid rain and accumulated water stains on your car’s paint, in case you are not able to do it.
  2. Seek An Interior Detailing – Water spots are not only limited to the exterior of the car but can also be found in the interiors. These are generally caused by staining or accidental water splashes while you wash your car. So, the best way to get rid of these is to use ammonia-free based products in order to wipe away all the unwanted containments that may be the reason for those spots and stains. And in case it is a bit complex and technical you can always consult a professional car wash in Kochi. The experts at GoKleen give an in-depth interior and exterior cleaning, and completely keep their focus on cleaning windows and protecting the hard surfaces that are prone to these water spots.
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