July 24, 2021

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How to Marka Tescil Your Company’s Logo?

To establish your company’s identity, you are suggested to give your company a unique name and most-importantly a logo. If you’ve already designed one, you should get it trademarked to protect your legal rights. But it isn’t quite easy protecting your innovation or a new concept. That’s reasons you should appoint attorneys to manage the proceeding for you or choose the right specialized service. The process of trademarkswill actually incur around six months to complete. It isn’t an easy procedure and so, you are suggested to get started today!

Firstly, let’s answer one of the most popular questions –

What Is A Trademark?

A trademark is an intellectual property type, which comprises of recognizable signs, expressions, and ideas of any product or services. The trademark owners can be an individual, legal entities, or business organizations. A marka tescil may be placed on packages, vouchers, labels, or itself on the product. However, trademarks used to recognize services are commonly called “service marks”.

In order to create corporate identity, trademarks are even showcased on the company’s buildings. To be specific, a trademark is legally identified as a significant type of intellectual property. However, trademarks aren’t always necessary for small or regional companies but used to protect rights. There are endless advantages to trademark a logo, which will be outlined in this ongoing article. 

Are you interested to know about the procedure to trademark your company’s logo? If “yes”, continue reading with us. These are simple steps to marka tescil your logo –

  • Ensure Your Logo Is Available

Ahead of proceeding towards the registration process, you need to check that the logo you’ve chosen is currently available. To be registering your company’s logo, make sure its design is truly unique. And so, start the procedure with searching the logo trademark database, consider avoiding similar logos and trademarks that are already registered by other entities or individuals.  

  • Acquire Ownership of Your Logo

There are numerous ways you can acquire rights to your company’s logo but they aren’t equally valued. The simplest way to acquire rights is to just start using it for all purposes. However, it is at times risky as you will just own the rights in the geographical sphere where you are using your company’s logo. And so, others can use it elsewhere and you won’t be able to restrict them using your innovation. Thus, all inventors are recommended to file trademark applications with the USPTO, for which hiring attorneys or specialized services are mandatory. 

  • Protecting Your Trademark

Once your trademark is registered with the USPTO, you will possess the right to use it anywhere in the country. Also, registering the logo authorize you to sue to implement your ownership. It even gives you the right to avert foreign goods with your logo from being imported from other countries. After your logo is registered with the USPTO and you’ve your trademark registration, you can even register it in other nations to secure your rights there as well. 

  • Scrutinize Use of Your Trademarked Logo

To safeguard your logo and ensure no one else can use it, you will need to do trademark watch. There are specialized companies and notaries who manage this type of ongoing intensive project. They constantly scrutinized to ensure that no one else is using your logo or trying to trademark your logo. And if someone attempts so, you’ve official rights to file lawsuits against that company or individual. 

What Are The Importance of Trademarking Your Company’s Logo?

There are so many advantages to registering your logo for trademarks. However, there’s no such official pressure to register your logo as a trademark, but these are advantages for doing so –

  • Trademarks Make It Easier for Customers To Identify Your Business,
  • Trademarks Offer Business A Geographic Benefit,
  • Trademarks Create Immediate Value,
  • Trademarks Help To Avoid Financial Waste,
  • Trademarks Give You Rights To Stop Importing of Foreign Goods, 
  • Trademarks Last For Long And Never Expires,
  • Trademarks Are Cost Effective To Register,  

How Much Does It Cost To Trademarks?

The cost of registering logos for trademarks can widely vary as per countries. These are major cost incurred –

  • Trademark Application,
  • Fees of Attorney/ Specialized Services; 

If you’ve chosen to complete the application for trademarks without the supervision of an attorney, the application fees will cost you US$500 approximately. It is significant to know that the application fees are non-refundable. Also, the sum of fees paid may vary if there’s an extension or postponed in payment or in case your application needs to be repaid. 

To conclude, marka tescila logo is essential for any business. But it is a complex and technical process, for which everyone requires legal assistance. So take the right steps to protect your company’s logo today!

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