August 5, 2021

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How To Substitute Your Gym Equipments At Home

In this Pandemic situation, our home has become our office, our restaurant, our movie theatre, and also our gym. When we have to stay away from outdoor activities as much as possible, you need to take care of our health as well. It is very important now to stay fit to strengthen our immunity. However, due to the extra burden of work, many people are experiencing aches and pain.

Thanks to the technology, we can avail of the Online physiotherapy consultation India from our home. If your therapist asks you to do the extensive exercises at home, then you should not avoid it. Though the gym service is closed, you can easily make the arrangements at home.

While taking the Online physiotherapy consultation; you need to ask the types of exercises Like that cardiovascular, Abs Exercises and Aerobic Exercise applicable for you. Here are the ways to substitute the gym equipment at home.

  • Stair: Using the stairs can be a great substitute for cardio. If you have one flight of stairs, then it is enough to complete your cardio regime for the day. Constantly jog up and down the flight for the amount of time you spend in the cardio machine in the gym. In case, you don’t have the flight, only one step is enough to do the job. For that, tap one foot on the step and jump to switch the foot instantly. Do this motion in a continuous phase for a certain amount of time.
  • Full Back Pack With Book: Many people feel it very tough to arrange something that substitutes heavy weight lifting machinery. For that, you can take a backpack and fill it up with books. You can add as much weight as you want to. Now you have to wear it and do the extensive workout like barbell squats. For the leg extension, sit on a high chair like a dining chair and hang the backpack with each strap on each leg. You have to place it in such a way that the bag pack will be resting on the top of your feet and shine. You can also do the leg press by placing the heavy bag pack on your thigh while doing the wall squat. However, before doing the heavy exercise, you need to check with the Online physiotherapy consultation for safety measures in your present condition.
  • Dining chair: The dining chair can be a very useful part of your home gym. You can do the leg curls by making a dining chair bridge and place your feet upon it. You can replace the dipping bars with the chair while performing tricep dips. Take your feet up on the chair to do the push up in order to replace the peck deck. For a more effective result, you need to place your body as much away from the chair as possible.
  • Water Bottle filled with rice: To substitute the dumbbell, you can use a bottle filled with rice or sand. Many gym exercises like shoulder press, bicep curls, or Russian Twist use the dumbbell, kettlebell, or medicine balls can be done at home with it.

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