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How to work on your rankings with CSGO accounts? Explained

Achieving higher ranks on CSGO isn’t something anyone can achieve and never will be! Many wonder how to improve their ranks and they fail. Even players like those who are dedicated towards this game and invest every second of their time as if their life depends on it and they still struggle to reach a top tier. While we’re at it, we are here to tell you how you can make your rankings better. And, it is not just with buy csgo accounts, however, with some tips that may come in handy when you are looking for enhancing your skills.

CSGO Rank System explained

CSGO has the hardest ranking system to crack, hence, people search for an easy guide that tells them how the ranking system works and the best way to reach a higher level. Of course, there are several ways you can get better in CSGO, however, no one knows every detail precisely.

The ranking system is divided into 2 categories: Profile ranking and competitive ranking.

In the profile ranking system, they enable players to achieve CSGO badges and levels. Profile ranking consists of 40 different ranks. The one who reached the highest rank receives 5000XP as his reward. And winning 5000 XPs means, increment in profile ranking. However, there is a catch: it isn’t about individual wins, what matters is how many rounds you have won. And, if you are avoiding objectives, whilst manoeuvring around the map with your best skills, you’d be rewarded with less XPs than you’d given if you start picking up on those ‘objectives.’ Although, all these don’t make ‘individual wins’ a less of a matter; they just mean less as compared to round wins. By playing as much as you can would lead you to have numerous XP.

Competitive Ranking System:

Competitive ranking usually is a bit perplexing in nature. It includes playing less, however, winning an explicit number of wins, prior getting into competitive ranking. The way this system works is through the ELO Rating System; it administers your skills centred on how many rounds you have won, your history of total matches won, and individual kills. Although at the end of the day what matters is how much time you can invest in this game in order to reach the highest position. If you play less it will take more time and if you lose you’ll de-rank yourself; if you stop playing you’ll see your rank disappearing. However, coming back will revive the rank. You see the complications now? Hence, players choose to buy csgo accounts to save their ranks from losing. The benefit of having buy csgo prime accounts are you don’t have to worry about losing ranks anymore. Even if you lose you won’t have to deal with the frustration of losing your rank and starting all over again. You can work on your skills, come back, and kick arse!

Moving on, you’re going to deal with 18 various ranks in CSGO: Silver 1 to Global Elite. Global Elite is the highest, and Silver 1 considered as the lowest.

How to improve your ranking? How can csgo accounts help you?

The most common and easiest way to get to your desired level is to buy csgo smurf ranked accounts or csgo prime accounts, whichever is your preference. CSGO accounts won’t let you take the damage of your loss; rather it keeps your rank safe and intact. CSGO accounts assist in enhancing a player’s skills and help him get in the battle realm with a stronger mind-set. Players can fight their opponent as many times they want; they do not have to worry about losing their ranks, all they have to do is play harder and win!

Though, it doesn’t mean any csgo accounts would give you wins all the time. Your skills would take you to the winning road, and if you lack skills you need to keep these things in mind:

  • Practice is the key. Keep doing it, until you perfect it.
  • Do not leave the game for too long. By too long I meant, too many days/months.
  • Be a teamplayer.
  • Be familiar with your position.

You may won’t reach your desired level on your own, which is why csgo accounts were developed in the first place. Albeit, if you think purchasing csgo accounts isn’t a great deal, then I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. But, it is what you’d need!

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