October 21, 2020

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HP Consumer Tech Support & Hardware

You can connect your HP printer directly to your computer employing a USB cable connected to your home network by consuming an Ethernet cable or wirelessly connected to your home’s WiFi network. Things You’ll Need to set up and connect with your HP printers like USB or Ethernet cable, Ink cartridges are mentioned on the web address http://123hp-setupus.com.

In order to connect your HP printer to a wireless network, you must have the required login credentials. The list of required login credentials is available on the web domain Hp Support Number which includes details like wireless Network Name that is the SSID and wireless Network Key that is your login Password.

In order to connect your HP printer with a wired Ethernet connection, your HP printer needs to have an Ethernet port on the rear. It will vary as per the model of the HP printer you possess. To understand the proper steps to connect the Ethernet cable with your printer and to follow the complete setup process, visit the website http://123hp-setupus.com

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