July 24, 2021

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Introduction About Cosmetic Surgery In Lahore Pakistan

Cosmetic Surgery In Lahore Pakistan

According to some of the people, they do have a conception in mind that facelift cosmetic surgery in Lahore is quite a pricey procedure to follow.  If you do feel that you are looking quite older as compared to your age, then choosing the option of facelift is the best idea for you.  This treatment will enable you to attain your entire youthful face. You can either look ahead to perform the facelift surgery on your own or you can also think about combining it with rest of the surgeries as well in which we have neck lift or the fat grafting.  You can definitely take the facelift cosmetic surgery to be completely different from other surgical treatments in case of some prolonged anti-aging effect.

Cosmetic Surgery

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Facelift is basically known as the form of surgical or non-surgical form of procedure with which you can easily get rid of some wrinkles or fine lines around your eyes.  This cosmetic surgery will be involving some specific areas of your face in which we have cheeks or jowls.  This surgery is contributing in removal of excess skin from the face and tightening the underlying muscle layers.  In short, it might be possible that your square shape face is completely changed into a triangle shape for adding an extra youthful appearance.

How Facelift Cosmetic Surgery Works?

For undergoing with this facelift treatment make sure that you have selected the best plastic surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan.  Normally a facelift surgery is divided into two main categories in which we have surgical and second is non-surgical.

Surgical Treatment

As the surgical treatment has been concerned, it brings some durable results as compared to the non-surgical techniques. It offers the results which can last for more than 10 years. It is involving the lifting of whole face with some short incisions or minimal outlook. It is also known as MACS lift.

In the non-surgical Facelift types you can achieve the results without performing any sort of surgery.  It has the shortest downtime and at the same time shortest recovery period too.

What Is The Cost Of Facelift Plastic Surgery In Pakistan?

Normally every single plastic surgeon in Lahore Pakistan has own prices when it comes to performing the surgical procedure.  On the ordinary basis, the cost of the treatment will be around 50,000 and at the high level it can be around 2 lakh on the basis of the treatment types. Normally the surgical treatments are expensive as compared to the non-surgical treatments. 

What Is The Recovery Time Of Facelift Cosmetic Surgery?

Now let’s talk about the recovery time of this cosmetic surgery!  It would probably take around the time of 3-5 months for giving the patient a proper recovery mode.  If the patient is getting treatment with the local anesthesia with or even without sedation, then the recovery time will be around 2 weeks.  Dressing session will be kept for around 5 days.  Dressing is removed after 2 weeks after which the patient has to constantly take the pain killers for at least

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