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QuickBooks Compatibility with Windows 10

Is QuickBooks Compatible with Windows 10??

QuickBooks Desktop helps to transform complex manual accounting procedures into an easy process. Many businesses believe QuickBooks Desktop as the finest Accounting Software. And moreover, QuickBooks Customer Support gives assistance for QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Premier for the versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2015 to 2019. But, the problems arise if you upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 and QuickBooks Windows 10 cooperative version is not installed. As per the experts, Windows 10 carries QuickBooks version 2016 and higher. In the future, you will face compatibility related issues with QuickBooks in Windows 10 and if you have decided to upgrade to Windows 10 and unsupported QuickBooks version is installed.

Replace unsupported QuickBooks with the QuickBooks version compatible with Windows 10, if you require to upgrade your computer to Windows 10. It also helps you to avoid QuickBooks Windows 10 carries error. To support you and understand better about Windows 10 supported QuickBooks versions take a look on the list below:

QuickBooks Desktop 2016 R7 and higher

If your QuickBooks is older than QB 2016 R7 then you have to upgrade your QuickBooks to the compatible QuickBooks version with Windows 10 to avoid QuickBooks Windows 10 error. QuickBooks 2016 R7 has no compatibility problem with Windows 10. The updated version has few technical issues in comparison to QuickBooks version older than 2016.

QuickBooks Desktop 2015 and 2016

To make sure the right and compatible components are there, the regular and latest updates and patches available for Windows 10. As per the industry review, the compulsory part to operate QuickBooks 2015 with Windows 10 is the “.Net” Framework. The missing or disabled “.NET” framework 3.5 create QuickBooks 2015 compatible with Windows 10 and the same condition for the lower versions too. That’s why for making the QuickBooks 2015 compatible with Windows 10 enable .Net framework 3.5.

How to build QuickBooks Compatible with Windows 10??

  1. First, open the Windows Control Panel > Programs and Feature and select “Turn Windows feature On or Off”.
  2. Scroll the list for the items to find “.NET Framework 3.5”
  3. Enable the option of “.Net Framework”.
  4. Now exit from the Control Panel.
  5. In the last, Restart your Computer.

After rebooting your computer, open QuickBooks to check if it is working properly or not or still facing the compatibility issue with QuickBooks Windows 10.

In the older versions of QuickBooks, there are most chances to encounter the QuickBooks Error 15271, if you attempt the same steps given above to make QuickBooks 2015 work on Windows 10. The QuickBooks Sunset version cannot be configured to give output on Windows 10 and these attempts would create hollow results. And the experts suggest upgrading your QuickBooks to the latest version.

If you require to know more about Windows 10 and experience problems and updating the version, then feel to take the assistance from our QuickBooks, they are available for you. You can just simply dial QuickBooks Support Phone Number to take assistance from QuickBooks Customer Care and our experts.

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