June 13, 2021

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Know When You Need a Fridge Repair Technician

Fridges are widely used or cooling down the liquid like water milk cod drinks and other food stuff in home as well as commercial used application and measured as one of the main home appliance. Fridge is sub storage system for fleeting food items and also used to making ice cubes.

Though you may have best class fridge in your home but sometime it also undergo illness or issues type problem electrical language. Before moving ahead, we are deal with every type of home appliance repair in Kolkata, Pune, and Delhi etc. Let us know if you need any help like fridge repair in kolkata  and Pune for brands all possible brands in market.

When I Need A Refrigerator Technician?

Many of us are quite handyman for little disturbances in home appliances but when the situation becomes worse then we need a Technician.

  1. After Switching in active mode you hear a slight hissing noise and after sometimes you realize that your refrigerator is not cooling more.
  2. While sweeping the dirt’s inside the fridge you smell awful fragrance and found the oily residue on the floor of freezer compartment
  3. During shifting process an accident results in the condenser coils being damage or the compressor stops working more.
  4. After wiping the water on floors near the fridge, you found a continuous leakage of significant amount of water from fridge and get anxious about what to do?
  5. During regular operation of refrigerator system you notice the outer shell of refrigerator is sweating.
  6. Short circuits happen while fluctuation occurs in power supply and may bother your fridge response.
  7. Ice maker stops making ice when your party is on full swing. A complete headache!
  8. You found your refrigerator using more energy than earlier, also a point of concern.
  9. Drain tube jam occurs while draining the refrigerator and produces decayed egg like bad smell.

All the issues conversed above are make wrinkles on your brow time to time.

Don’t be anxiety when face these circumstances just contact All Electric Care and we provide any type of solution regarding your refrigerator. If you have small issue which will create so much problem then you can also get a free of cost handing. We never charge for unnecessary things. Our services are available for both home appliances repair in Kolkata and Pune and as well as commercial usage. We maintain a team of experts and hard-working service technician who enable us to act in response fast to any type of repairing service related to electronic home appliances.

Services in Refrigeration

  • Gas filling Service and repairing
  • Compressor replacement and cleaning
  • Rack and Door repairing
  • Fridge renewal
  • Electrical failure repairing
  • Complete freezer repairing and cleaning
  • Thermostat replacement
  • Shelf repairing and arrangement repairing
  • Door jam and drain log jam solution
  • Heating and cooling issue handling

Contact All Electric Care today. Hire us for fridge repair in pune and Kolkata.

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