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Movies Every Student Must Watch

When you are too wrapped up in your assignment and have no idea how to start. The best way to give yourself a break from the hectic university/ college life is to have a movie night with friends. We all are under the influence of movies for some time right after we are done with the movies. Therefore, when you find yourself demotivated to work on your assignment, it is advisable to you to watch the movies that can motivate you to perform better and work on the assignment. Here on the platform of the Custom Assignment Help, I would list the name of the movies that in my opinion, every student must watch. While I used to struggle with my assignments, these movies had greatly helped me in working on my assignment, and I kid you not I did not only have fun watching the movie I enjoyed working on my assignment. So next time you find yourself indulge in the burden of assignments, give yourself a break and watch one of the below-listed movies if you are looking for some kind of motivation.

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I am Kalam

This movie is mainly about one poor kind who is hugely under the influence of Dr Abdul Kalam and wishes to grow up to be a leader and the respectable person like him. The main purpose of the movie is to represent the success of the child who is greatly aspired by Dr Abdul Kalam. It has been observed in the movie that this movie prevents all kinds of tremendous portrayal, which also remains rooted in aswell. Such movies help in motivating the students in a great deal to achieve something in their life and look for the role model to follow. 

Freedom Writers

If you are facing a tough time in your secondary school and struggle with the daily assignment and the increased workload, then it is advisable to you to watch the movie Freedom Writers. This movie covers the life of a young student who inspires the overall class to perform better and work on studying further as well. If you find yourself struggling with relocating your main purpose of life, it is one great movie to watch. It has helped me multiple times in deciding my work goals.

Good Will Hunting

Well, this particular movie is all about the custodian who works in MIT and is supremely talented in science and math, and yet he does not have any idea regarding the offering of his potential. If you are unaware of your goals and do not know about your competency, then I would advise you to watch this movie. It will help you locate the hidden abilities that you can have by utilizing the alternate brain portion. I believe this movie is perfect for all the people who are crazy about the numbers.

Stand and Deliver

If you wish to go against the grain in the process of learning, then this movie is the perfect watch for you. This movie tells about the cheerful Math’s teacher who makes the boring subject easy and interesting by his smart teaching techniques. Not only for the students, but teachers can also learn a lot from this movie as it can help them educate about the traditional strategies of teaching and how they can be used to make the students study harder. The aim of the movie is the offer a huge motivation for the students who wish to perform out of box and restrictions that are placed on them by their parents.

3 Idiots

Three idiots are one Bollywood movie, and it revolves around the life of three engineering students. The movie explains some lessons that are not mainly taught in books and classrooms. Life teaches some real lesson, and smart is the person who learns from the experiences of others. If you are looking for the motivation to go for your passion but your parents are forcing you to study medicine then I would suggest you watch this movie with your parents. Not only you will get the courage to pursue your passion, but your parents will also understand your point of view regarding your passion.

Dead Poet’s Society

Are you one of those teenagers who is under the pressure of their parents to perform better in the school? Your parents have high expectations from you, and you are currently unable to perform under this pressure. The movie is all about the awkward teenager who is forced to go through the high expectations that her/ his parents have set on him.

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