June 12, 2021

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Neem Leaves Incredible Benefits For Skin Hair And Teeth

Neem is considered a miraculous medicine in Ayurveda. Neem root, fruit, leaves, twigs and bark are known as Naturopathy. Neem is called by the name of all diseases green in Ayurveda because neem is helpful in cleansing your blood as well as controlling cholesterol. Neem is also very beneficial for your body, skin and hair, so today we are going to tell you about the benefits of neem leaves juice, which gives you many benefits along with making you healthy.

Clean the blood

The juice of neem leaves is an effective medicine to clean the blood. If a person complains of not having clear blood, then neem juice is very beneficial for him. Due to lack of blood, the body’s immunity becomes weak and the risk of getting diseases increases. Apart from this, it is also helpful in reducing bad cholesterol.

Treat malaria and jaundice

The juice of neem leaves is very effective in curing diseases like malaria and jaundice. Due to the anti-bacterial properties present in neem, it prevents the malaria virus from growing and at the same time makes the liver strong. In jaundice, you should mix honey with the juice of neem leaves and eat it. This will relieve you of jaundice.

Help erase stains

The stains of chicken pox on your face are very bad to see and they do not end too soon. To remove traces of chicken pox, massage with neem juice. Apart from this, neem juice reduces the chances of your skin related diseases like eczema and small pox.

Beneficial for eyes

Due to the excessive use of mobiles and computers, your eyes will suffer the most due to the blue light emanating from it and your eyesight is also weak. To increase the light of the eyes, you put two drops of neem juice in the eyes. If you have conjunctivitis problem in your eyes, then it is cured by using neem water.

Avoid diabetes

Diabetes is a very dangerous disease that occurs due to increasing amount of sugar in the blood. If you consume neem juice every day, then your blood sugar level remains controlled. Therefore, the level of blood sugar can be kept normal by the diabetes patient consuming it.

Stop the blood of teeth and gums

If there is a problem of blood and pyorrhea in your gums, then rinse with neem bark or leaves in water is very beneficial. Along with this, it makes your gums and teeth strong. Apart from this, taking decoction of neem flowers is also beneficial in teeth problems. The teeth germs are destroyed by applying neem teeth daily.

Remove pimples

Neem water is very effective in improving the face and removing the problem of pimples. If you have pimples, apply Neem juice on the face. Massaging the face with neem water keeps the moisture of the face intact and enhances the skin of the face. It is helpful in skin whitening naturally and also has no side-effects.

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