September 19, 2020

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Oncology EHR Software for Oncology Practices: Everything worth knowing

Oncology is the study of cancer. Someone who is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer is an oncologist. This particular field has three major areas which are medical, surgical, and radiation. Now let’s dive straight into how Oncology EHR software can benefit Oncologists. 

What is an EMR?

EMR( Electronic Media Record) is basically a digital version of keeping all healthcare-related information in the form of a template. All the information can be gathered and managed on EMR/EHR. They are a replacement for paper records. It is built in a way that goes beyond standard clinical data collected by doctors, healthcare providers, or anyone who works for the organization. The demand for this software is rapidly growing all around the world because of all its benefits.

All the data on this software can be shared with anyone linked to the patients’ care with just a click. You have access to all the information regarding lab tests, all the prescriptions with time and date, and also, all the patients’ information can be accessed from anywhere with one click. All the documents can be read and understood easily because they are not handwritten. EMR/EHR is now a vital part of health IT and almost all the doctors out there are switching to EMR/EHR software from traditional filing and record-keeping methods. 

EHR Software for Oncology

There has been an increase in demand for Oncology EMR Software from all around the world. It’s exceptionally good features have attracted a huge number of doctors towards it. Not only does it help the doctors with quick services but also helps the environment with reduced use of paper. Electronic prescription, Dashboard charts, templates and order sets, Detailed reporting, 24/7 access from anywhere, less clutter are a few it’s commonly used features. Some of the oncology-specific features that a good Oncology EMR software has are listed below. 

Integration of Patients Education Materials

This gives a lot of ease to the patients as the patient portal helps with educating them during the whole process. 

ICD/CPT codes

This is a very useful tool for all the oncologists as it helps the identification of the type and stage of cancer easily, and also, recommends the treatment option for their particular case. 

Integrated Digital Imaging

This software is in tune with all the diagnostic image formats like CT scan or PET scan, etc. 

Chemotherapy Management and Automation

Oncology EMR software includes inventory management, billing, automated dosing, drug administration, scheduling, etc. All these features help prevent errors and provide a streamlined workflow. 

Lab interface

Oncologists require a lot of lab tests and details. EMR/EHR software helps lab ordering easily. All the data can be retrieved and stored with no issue at all

In addition, Oncologists also benefit from less wastage of time, more efficiency and productivity, Close to no errors, Complete medical history of the patient, and less wastage of paper. 

Costs and pricing

Oncology EHR software pricing seems a little unfair when you first look at it as the installation of an EHR software is not cheap but if you understand the number of advantages you gain from it, you’ll know that it is all worth it. 

There are many EHR/EMR software that you can choose from. Some of them charge according to the features you want and some provide you with different packages to pick from but in most cases, the prices are high. If you look at what you are going to get from them in the longer run, you probably won’t really care about the prices that much. 


Many healthcare providers who are already using EMR for oncology and for other purposes too have reviewed them. You can find Oncology EHR software demo and reviews as well as their prices right here Software Finder.

For more information regarding Oncology EMR software, feel free to contact us at (747) 228-0144 and we’ll be happy to guide you. 

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