June 12, 2021

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Safe Water Heater

Precautions To Utilize Water Heater In A Safe and Secure Manner

Have you ever thought about how people used to heat up the water using the fuel so that they could have a warm bath in the chilly morning?

It was really hectic for the earlier people as this process involves lots of hassles. After that, there came the immersion heater that heats up the water with the help of electricity. And finally, the Indian washrooms get used to with the Storage Water Heater. Day by day, it became popular due to its efficiency and ease of use.

However, if you do little research, you can see that there are a few accidents due to the misuse of water geysers that have been reported on the news.

As it involves water and electricity in one device, it is better to take precautions while using it. Here are some excellent safety tips that will help you to use this appliance with caution and avoid the risk of any type of mishap.

  • Earthing the Connection: As the Storage Water Heater consumes heavy voltage energy, you have to make sure that it has proper earthing otherwise it can deliver a fatal electric shock anytime. As we told before, this appliance deals with both water and electricity that do not mix well, you need to carefully handle this dangerous combination.
  • You have to take proper precaution to find out whether the electric geyser is earthed properly or not because it can make a difference between life and death if come into contact.
  • Temperature: Maintaining the temperature is another important factor that you must consider for the safety guidelines for a water heater. Many updated models allow to set up the maximum temperature and the connection will auto cut after the water reaches that particular limit.
water heater
  • For other models, you can manually control the maximum temperature. The instant water heater can make the water scalding hot that can burn or cause a blister on the skin. When you set the water within 50° to 55° Celsius that will not only prevent the burn but also save your electric bill as well.
  • Switch Off After use: Every geyser has different lights that will indicate the heating up and reaching to a particular temperature. It is better to switch off the appliance after it reaches a certain level otherwise the thermostat will repeatedly on and off the power.
  • Eventually in this process, the heater will lose heat to the environment. Moreover, with higher power consumption, it will affect your electricity bill as well.
  • Hard Water: If the water of your locality is hard, then you need to take some extra care of the appliance. There is a huge scope of scale build up on the surface of the heating rod and when this deposit accumulates for a longer time, it will decrease the efficiency of the water heater.
  • In case the layer has become thick, it will be unable to heat up the water properly as the warmth will not transfer to water instantly. As a result, the heater will burn out. To avoid this stage, you need to clean the heater to remove the deposit. 
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