July 24, 2021

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Precautions while playing online games for money

Earning money through online gaming is the passion for all. From a youngster to an elder, money is the love of all. If that can be earned through entertainment while playing, it becomes interesting. But the world of online gaming is uncertain and filled with unpredictable threats and tricks. In place of earning funds, you may lose money.

You should know the rules of playing safe to avoid any bad experience. It is best to attain an overall scenario of all the aspects. What are the risks, and what are the precautions necessary to remain in your good knowledge? Nothing comes with the precaution tips; careless use of everything is harmful.

Risks of online gaming

Privacy issues – The tricky hackers’ design online games get your details and get access to your personal accounts. From social media accounts to the bank details, they can hack anything and can use it to blackmail you.

  • Webcam malfunctioning – Without your information, your webcam can be controlled by the fraud sites. You will not even notice that every video call that you make is connected to a third source. Whatever you are showing on the camera can be used against you.
  • Sexual abuse – It starts from some messages, and after winning the trust of the victim, it turns into friendly chats and then face-to-face meetings. Such meetings soon become the reason of enormous stress and spoiled life. Usually, teenagers become prey to such tricks. In the name of friendship and loving relationship, the person demands money first in a small amount and then big.
  • Bonus promise that proves fake – It happens as the result of the cut-throat competition between the online gaming sites and apps. The various sites offer a bonus, but in return, they put a condition.

Normal conditions to get a bonus are –

  • Bonus against deposit – The gaming site/app asks to deposit a certain amount and get a certain amount in the name of a bonus. For instance – deposit £1000 and get £200. Such commitments never come true if the offer is fake. To get money faster, most of the fraud sites keep a time limit. ‘Deposit money in 5 hours and get our super bonus’. Such punch lines work quicker, and some people even borrow money to pay the deposit. They rush towards the quick loans that are usually higher in the interest rates. There are many people to take a payday loan in Belgium for their online gaming addiction. They get nothing in the name of bonus and in fact, get in the debt trap.
  • Bonus against bet – Some online games promise you to give a good bonus, but you need to bet that amount for a certain number of times. For example – you will get £400, but to withdraw the money, you will need to bet that amount four times. If, during that time, you successfully play without losing, you can withdraw the money. In reality, the game is designed that never lets the person win. It is just a trick to make more people download the game. The user does not get any money in return.

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Preventive measures while playing online games

The risks mentioned above can become the reality of your life too, if you do not take preventive measures at the right time.

  • Never borrow money for online game.

This should be the first precaution that you should follow. It is usually a common mistake that most of the online game players do. They think that they will get a significant amount and thus investing a small number of borrowers through loan is not a bad deal. But, you cannot be so sure until you are not sure about the authenticity of the game source. Even some loan brokers, as well as reliable lenders such as Credit Pont, give genuine suggestions to do not borrow for online games. They suggest you as a part of their social responsibility duties and at least at that time, you should pay heed to the fact.

  • Do not reveal your identity.

You need to understand that no matter how lucrative a game sounds financial; after all, it is just a game. It would help if you never reveal your identity. It is not for your well being but also for your family. A threat on you may pass to the other members. For example – a brother telling about a game to his younger brother or sister can bring two victims altogether for the fraud game designers. Your personal information, bank details, home address, job location etc. should never be revealed.

  • Block the player immediately

Sometimes the game is genuine but the players that participate try to play the trick. While playing with other player(s) if you find anything inconvenient, immediately block it. The better thing is to report abuse. Any abusive behaviour, wrong content, signs etc. should be tackled quickly. It is imperative to understand there should be ZERO tolerance to the offensive players.


The above information should be able to make you realize the importance of caution while playing online games. In the greed of money, never avoid the significance of precaution. Not every shining thing is beautiful or attractive. Before getting into the world of online gaming, always prepare a list of preventive measures. One important thing is never get addicted to any game because the hackers and tricky minds take benefit of your addiction.

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