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olive oil vs argan oil

Product Review Of Olive Oil vs Argan Oil

So today I thought it might be fun to do kind of a head to head competition of these two jails. On this I have the ego styled jail with Argonaut and on this site, I have the ego’s dollar deal with our world and they’re about the same price. But I like one way better so if we’re kind of on the fence and don’t know which one to get. So for the rest of this Article. So the first time we talk about the EchoStar the GIO with Arsenal is alcohol-free and it has a little gauge on the side.

This is that is the maximum hold has a team. It says that is made with 100 percent Argonaut oil is supposed to shine smooth and condition here. It says no flakes no test. So first I’m going to open it up so I could show you guys the consistency of it. This is how it looks on inside. It’s like a yellow kind of colour. I think the jar is a yellow colour. So I’m still going to look glop of it and show you guys what it looks like.

Oh close. So it isn’t how it looks. Oh, close as you can see it kind of has a yellow tint. And this is the consistency of it. So it was like a regular gel consistency is thick. But for my hair, it is not thick enough. I bought this jail because I ran out of the olive oil gel which has been my favourite all time. And then I recently decided to go out and try this and I must say that this does not take the place of this we’re gonna get to this later because this is like everything to me.

But anyway let’s talk about this show for it. So this jail is thick but it’s not as thick as I wanted to be on the jury so it has maximum Hall but for me, I don’t think so I would think that the hold for me is like a six. Not necessarily a 10 because when I did use it in my pub I had to use a lot of it. And even when I did that it just kind of like it pretty much just wet my edges and then it smooth it out.

And that’s because this jail just doesn’t have enough hole for me. I think there’s Joe work better for you. Like a looser texture and your hair wasn’t as thick as mine but mine is so big. And he’s like a heavy-duty thick jail to hoe down my edges. This jail does do better if I wrap my hair up with a scarf that style it but still it just doesn’t give me this slick look that I want. So I have some hope in it after a couple of hours and it just has no kind of hold.

I want my stuff to stay in place for at least eight hours like what I’m at work I don’t want my hair to start freezing up in the middle of the day. So lets I do a puff and I put like a stylus on it for moisture and then I put the jail on I notice they have some type of a little residue. It does go away but it just annoys me because I’m not using it at all. So you have cared and this probably won’t work for you because it didn’t work for me.

I mean by everybody’s here is different. I know that I won’t be purchased in this one again. Overall this deal did not work for me at all. The only reason why I’ve been chosen is that they were out of my baby. Now I know why my baby is tails out so much because it’s amazing. So yeah let’s just put this into the side and talk about the one that I love. So this is the Eco Styler Professional Styling Gel With Olive Oil with olive oil is also alcohol-free. It says there has a max 10 hold is supposed to moisturize Heron scalp intake freeze is no flake no tech into it and it also has UVA protection.

So let’s open this one so you can see what it looks like. Let me get another blob of it. So this is how the olive oil Jewel looks close to me is a tad bit thicker and it makes the world of difference the colour of it is like a clear in the I don’t know if it has a green tint but it doesn’t have a yellow tint like the argon.

So I’ve been using a gel for a while and I haven’t had any problems whatsoever. It has an amazing hold. It’s super thick and I don’t have to use a scarf with it. But when I do my edges are laid they look so nice. What I like about it is the fact that it doesn’t Flake it doesn’t need any residues. And if I’m using it day after day after day like this I have a puff and I it all week and I put Jill on every single day you can’t even tail that I’m using that much jail because it’s not gonna be any Flake it is not going to be any residue.

When I use it for a day it lasts the whole day. And what I like about it is that even though it gives me an amazing hold like a teen for real it’s not like hard and crunchy. You know how some people they put Jill in here and it’s like they literally can not move. It’s not like that. So it’s the perfect amount of home for me when I use the Jill for style and this out it’s on a twist out or braids out or apparent braids or whatever. It also gives me a nice amount of hope and it makes a difference.

It helps to define my hair and make my curls pop more. So this jail can be used for anything I’ve seen people using for washing goes to his house. Of course, if you’re doing some type of doing whatever the show is so universal and I love it. It’s like amazing. So if you haven’t guessed by now I would give this you a plus because I’m just in love with it that much so out of the two jails the battle of the jails this one would trout especially for my kind of hair.

I like that a super. It gives me amazing hold it doesn’t flake at all no matter how many times I use it. And I like that you know it gives me hope and it’s not like ridiculously hard in my hair came over a thing because by the end of the day my hair is back soft and I could even do a different style with it and it’s not like I have to wash my hair just to get the Jill out. So yeah I would say that if you were kind of on offence you know which Jill the choose.

I would definitely choose this Jill if you have my type of hair I’m not able to kind of speak about everybody’s hair type but this woman’s to me.

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