August 5, 2021

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Ready mixed concrete

Ready mixed concrete

All problems – One solution

No one wants to spend extra time and money as both are extremely valuable assets. So a company with customer centric approach is the one who is to be trusted with while starting a construction project. What is the smartest choice of contractors in this regard? It is Ready mixed concrete. It is a splendid solution to all your construction related needs and it gives you not only effectiveness but is also fully efficient in terms of saving time and money.

Ready mixed concrete

It is always wise to save your resources, which is why one should make a wise decision and get highest possible results with minimum input and in shortest possible time. Ready mixed concrete helps to reduce the overall time of project. It also helps to reduce the expense of extra storage, cost of securing a container, cost of hiring extra labour and machinery for mixing. Basically ready mixed concrete is prepared and packed in a batching factory on a large scale. Multiple rations, strengths and types of mixtures are made ready in the factory. However for each one quality and consistency is maintained. It is an economical product which helps to save transportation cost as well.

High quality mixture                         

As ready mixed concrete is prepared in the factory as per a balanced ratio and customers’ requirements and under special conditions and temperature so it is high quality mixture which is suitable for both small and large scale businesses. In order to meet customers’ requirements explicitly, multiple sittings are conducted with customers to understand their needs and expectations.

The whole idea

Ready mix concrete is prepared in the central plant and is batched for delivery to the site instead of preparing and mixing it on the construction site. Every batch of this mixtu eis custom made accoding to the specifications of customer be it a contractor or the main party themselves. It is delivered in trucks usually known as the cement mixtures.

There are many advantages associated with ready mixed concrete such as when intermittent placement of cement is required or concrete is needed in small quanitities then in order to avoid wastage, it is wise to go for mix concrete which is ready-made. Moreover for large scale projects, if there is lesser room for setting up plant for mixing or aggregate stockpiles or mixture then this mixture is ideal.

Perfect for all conditions

In order to obtain proper consistency and slump, this mixture is remixed again as soon as it arrives on the site. As compared to the concrete mixed once only, concrete that has been remixed is likely to set quickly. Therefore it will not be incorrect to say that ready mixed concrete is more sustainable and durable. Precise mixture is formed by expert supplier, hence higher quality is achieved. Special concrete mixtured can be made on order and will reach your site on the given time and date without a delay. It gets poured with the help of concrete pump which minimized the chance of human error or any wastage.

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