July 24, 2021

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ATV Quad Bike

Reasons Why Should I Go For The ATV Quad Bike Tour In Sharjah?

 Quad biking is one of the most popular desert sports in the UAE. The quad biking is an outdoor desert safari adventure. It is experienced in many areas of the world but the big red dunes of Sharjah are specialized to enjoy this thrilling adventure. The fun of driving the quad bike on elevated dunes is an incomparable experience. You will go wild after exploring the desert in your style.

If you are not sure whether to select this tour or other desert safari tours, this article will guide you with everything about quad biking.

What is an ATV quad bike tour?

ATV quad bike tour is real fun to explore the desert. Moreover, it is a family-oriented tour with excitement to wander in the desert. You will entirely lose in driving the bike on traditional routes away from crowded sites. There are lots of options to get a quad bike. You can also get it from a quad bike shop but I will not recommend it to avoid scam. Most of the desert safari deals offer exclusive discounts on the quad bikes.

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How to manage the ATV quad bike?

Well, it is very easy to manage the quad bike. It has a comfortable seat for passengers. Likewise, you can also take your partner by hiring a two-seater quad bike. The low pressure flattened tires are specially designed to reduce the friction of the sand. It has two handlebars to control steering. You can perfectly manage speed and momentum via the steering wheel. You can drive it on different speed levels without losing control. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines of the team members.

Quad bike rental in Dubai | Quad bike - Motorcycle Dubai

Are there any precautions for quad biking?

ATV quad bike tour requires following the strict directions of the tour guides. When you go in the desert and face the sun, you may acquire heat stroke or sunburn. That’s why bring a hat, water bottles, and sunscreen with you. During summer seasons, wear loose-fitting clothes and sunglasses. However, in winters wearing mild sweaters or jackets would be fine. Avoid this ride if you have back problems, neck issues, severe cardiac problems, or you are pregnant. It is not suitable for kids below 3 years.

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Should selecting the desert safari deal is the best option?

Verily, booking the desert safari Sharjah tour is a perfect combo of adventure and thrill. It also includes an ATV quad bike tour. You can enjoy many activities simultaneously. There are many options like you can go for morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and overnight desert safari tour. It is just a matter of time and money. In the morning, the desert is not crowded with tourists while in the evening you can explore the hidden creatures of the desert as well. However, the desert safari Sharjah includes many other desert sports such as dune bugging, sand skiing, camel ride, entertainment activities, henna tattoos, and BBQ dinner at the campsite.

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